Map of the World Wall Poster from eeBoo

Travel the World from Home

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This award winning world map from eeBoo will delight children as it adorns their walls with colourful imagery that teaches and educates as much as it entertains and decorates.

This map is fun and informative thanks to Saxton Freymann, who has illustrated the world and its unique features in a way that will captivate children. Hes thoughtfully included the worlds most famous features including world landmarks, monuments, indigenous animals and country specific industries.

On the back of the map, children will find a full legend to explain all the gorgeous icons so they can travel the world from the comfort of home.

Measuring 89cm x 60cm, featuring lamination on both sides, and corner grommets to make hanging easy, the corners of the map also detail the Seven Wonders of the World, Solar System, Biomes and more. A beautiful idea for Christmas presents or any special occasion.

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Our Simple and Fun Selection of Christmas Gifts for Kids

We at Everything but Flowers have discovered that the best Christmas gifts for kids are those that cater to their unique hobbies and interests. For example, creative kiddos might love a new set of Rocket Themed Fluorescent Coloured Pencils in beautiful neon colours. These, of course, go great with a new colouring book, like our Alice in Wonderland Colouring Book. Or, better yet, our Big Book of Colours that teaches crafty kids how to shade, tone, and mix their colouring favourites. The World Map Wall Poster from eeBoo is one of our favourite new products this year and weve done our best to have a complete range of Christmas gift ideas for kids of all ages.

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One of our bestselling Christmas gifts for kids, specifically for ones who love board games, is the Slips and Ladders Kids Board Game. This favourite is called different things in different parts of the world, such as Chutes and Ladders, or even Snakes and Ladders, but the premise remains the same everywhere. To get to their goals, kiddos have to send their characters climbing and sliding to the finish line. This version has a cool Tortoise and Hare twist.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Kids from eeBoo

eeBoo is one of our favourite toy-making brands because they use recycled materials to handcraft some of the best Christmas gifts for kids. Not only are their toys eco-friendly, but most of them are also fun and educational, giving kiddos a boost in entertainment as well as helping to hone their concentration, coordination, and problem-solving skills.

We love the eeBoo I Never Forget an Animal Face Matching Game! Handcrafted and colourful, this game asks kids to pair quirky, cute, and silly animals, making 24 matches from 48 cartoony tiles. Or, another eeBoo great that we love is the Arctic Wildlife Puzzle. This puzzle, great for improving problem-solving skills, consists of 208 pieces, and the end result is an intricate, colourful scene of Arctic animals and their natural habitat.

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Christmas is such a fun time, and were sure that no matter what Christmas present you choose for the children in your life this year; if its the World Map Wall Poster from eeBoo or another of eeBoos great eco-friendly kids toys; they are going to be delighted for hours.