Tickle Monster Laughter Box

Comes with Tickle Monster mitts, book, and box

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Who is that you hear around the corner? Could it be the tickle monster coming to tickle you silly? It is! The loveable Tickle Monster Laughter Kit by author Josie Bissett and illustrator Kevan J. Atteberry will have your toddlers squealing with delight as they anticipate the arrival of the tickle monster: you.

The Tickle Monster Laughter Kit comes with the Tickle Monster book, blue Tickle Monster mitts, and a reusable gift box. All you have to do is don the furry mitts and start reading. Before long, your children will be squirming and giggling with excitement! And dont worry, the mitts come with holes in the fingertips so you can turn the page quickly and easily.

Tickle Monster has won numerous prizes, including the Moms Choice Award, Parents Choice Award, and Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. With credentials like these, you know the Tickle Monster Laughter Kit will soon be a favourite in your family. So go ahead and give this great kit as a Christmas, birthday, or anytime gift for hours and hours of tickling fun with the kids!

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Kids Christmas Gift Ideas for Littlies Who Love Sweets

It might surprise you to learn that there are actually children who hate sweets and candies of any kind. Gasp! Weird, we know, but true. However, while these kiddos would be challenging to find the perfect Christmas gift for, we at Everything but Flowers have great kids Christmas gift ideas for youngsters no matter what their likes and dislikes. The Tickle Monster Laughter Kit by author Josie Bissett is one of our favourites this year.

If your little one loves new experiences and chocolate, one of our great kids Christmas gift ideas is a Chocolate Walking Tour for 2 in Melbourne. Come with your kiddo to experience the chocolate-making process up-close, then sample heaps of fresh-made, handcrafted truffles, chocolate bars, and chocolate flavours with infusions like chili peppers, vanilla, and sea salts.

Or, if you are looking for simpler but just-as sweet kids Christmas gift ideas, consider our Byron Bay Cookie Assortment Gift Tin. There are several compartments of fresh-baked and delicious biscuits and cookies, including white chocolate chunk, macadamia nut, and traditional chocolate chip.

The Sweetest Kids Christmas Gift Ideas for Fantasy-Loving Little Girls

The fantasy genre covers a wide range of concepts, such as dragons, unicorns, fairies, pixies, and tons of other cool creatures that are usually the focus of fairy tales. Some of our greatest and sweetest kids Christmas gift ideas are for those fantasy-loving little girlsthe ones who love dressing up like little fairies to flit around the backyard.

One of our bestsellers, and personal favourites from our kids Christmas gift ideas category, is the hardback book entitled Fairy Dancers. This book features three beautiful stories with great, colourful, whimsical illustrations. The tales are about three little girls who are the best of friends, the cutest ballerinas, and the most adorable fairy dancers.

Our Bestselling Star Wars Themed Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

As you know, Star Wars is a huge franchise and even bigger success with a growing fan base that consists of kiddos and adults of all ages. With this in mind, we created a small collection of our bestselling kids Christmas gift ideas with a Star Wars theme.

For example, the Goodnight Darth Vader Board Book is a bedtime must-read for kids who love everything Star Wars. The book is about Vader as a dad, attempting to soothe his twins, Luke and Leia, to sleep. Or, for Star Wars fanatics who want to re-enact epic battles, the Light Up Lightsabre features sound effects and colour-changing lights from the movie. All it takes are a few AA batteries and a battle-ready fighting stance.

Wooden Puzzles and Other Educational Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

In our humble opinions, the best kids Christmas gift ideas are sometimes the simplest. For instance, our large range of wooden puzzles and other educational toys are great for helping kids develop important fine motor and coordination skills, giving them a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Try our Sustainable Wood Snake Puzzle for a lesson in colours and numbers, or grab our Sustainable Wood Stacker Toy for a lesson in reasoning and building.

No matter what Christmas gift for kids that you choose; theyre going to love it because we carefully select only the coolest gifts for kids that are available online from Everything but Flowers, Australias best online gift store.

The Tick Monster Laughter Box and Other Must-Have Books for Kids at Everything but Flowers!

Some books we remember forever. Everyone has a book they remember from their childhood, which parents had to read repeatedly before bedtime. You could also gift such a book to a child, because many books inside the presents for kids range are absolute must-haves for kids.

Want to find out which books you should consider? Read our overview of books from the presents for kids range below!

The Tickle Monster Laughter Box

The Tickle Monster Laughter Box is the perfect Christmas present. The book was written by Josie Bisett and was illustrated by Kevin J. Atteberry. The Tickle Monster Laughter Box is bound to give toddlers a lot of giggles. Such joy during the holiday season is always recommended, so it is no surprise that the Tickle Monster Laughter Box could be the ultimate Christmas present.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it, because this potential Christmas present has obtained numerous awards over the years. The Tickle Monster Laughter Box has obtained awards such as the Moms Choice Award, Parents Choice Award and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. Considering the many awards this book has obtained; can you really say no to this book as a Christmas present?

The Mega Monsterpedia Book

When children are young, they often have a fascination for monsters. This fascination is often not a positive one, just think about the monster under the bed! Fortunately, there is a Christmas present in our catalogue that could help a child conquer a fear of monsters – The Mega Monsterpedia.

The Mega Monsterpedia was written by well-known author Catherine Leblanc. It also contains beautiful illustrations created by Roland Garrigue. The combination of humour and illustrations helps children to conquer their fear of monsters.

Mega Monsterpedia from our presents for kids range is recommended for boys between the age of 3 and 6. It is a viable gift for most young boys, but especially recommended for little boys who fear the monster under the bed or the dark. So, be sure to consider this valuable book from our presents for kids range if this sounds like your young recipient.

The Fabulous Friend Machine Book

Another book recommended for young children is the Fabulous Friend Machine. This book is a cautionary tale about the internet and social media, something every child should read!

In this digital world, our home is less protected than we think. The same applies to our children, who get access to a dangerous world through technology. To ensure children understand the dangers of the internet and the people on it, we heavily recommend the Fabulous Friend Machine from our presents for kids range. The book features the story of Popcorn, the friendliest chicken on the farm. When she finds a friend machine, she immediately makes a lot of new friends. But once she looks a little closer, she finds out that her friends are no friends at all!

While the story in this book is entertaining, it is certainly educational too. Once a child starts to explore the digital world, this book is a must-have! So, if you are looking for ways to explain the dangers of the internet or social media, this book can do it for you!

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada

Many dads are desperate to hear “dad” as the first word of their child, only to be disappointed later. The following gift is certainly something that could help dads see their dreams become a reality, because Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada helps dads put their point across!

While this book is more meant as a novelty gift than anything else, it is still a charming and fun book that should be in the book collection of young children. The book is also written by world-famous comedian and entertainer Jimmy Fallon, so you certainly can’t afford to pass on this one.

Guess How Much I Love You Book & Toy Set

The Guess How Much I Love You storybooks have been bestsellers for years, so it is no surprise that one of those classic books ended up on our list of recommended books for children. At Everything but Flowers, you can find the classic Guess How Much I Love You book, accompanied by a soft plush toy to make the story come alive. A recommendation for fans of these storybooks!

Clockwork Soldier Design a Superhero Comic Book

Some books at Everything but Flowers are incredibly creative; this is certainly the case for the Design Your Own Superhero Comic Book. This activity book was created for children between the age of 7 and 12, allowing them to create their own superhero! It is a suitable gift for both girls and boys, but boys tend to appreciate this activity book a little more!

World of Peter Rabbit: The Complete Collection of Tales 1 – 23

Everyone knows that the stories of Peter Rabbit have been around for decades. New parents are usually familiar with the stories, because they grew up with them themselves. For fans of the series, and to pass on the knowledge of generations, we can recommend choosing the World of Peter Rabbit Gift Set, which contains 23 Peter Rabbit storybooks.

Even though stories can be bought separately on Everything but Flowers, the World of Peter Rabbit is the ultimate collection of Peter Rabbit stories. It is a gift that will be cherished forever and will probably be passed on to the next generation in time!

Other Delightful Books You Must Discover!

Since there are so many books on Everything but Flowers, we could not mention them all in detail here. The books above are just some of our recommendations, because there are many others to discover. To get a complete overview of children’s books at Everything but Flowers, simply click on the “kids” category and select “books” to list all available books.

Do you have a question about a book available on Everything but Flowers? Feel free to contact the Everything but Flowers support team for more information.