Sunnylife Kiddy Float Flamingo

Bright Pink Pool Toy for Lovely Summer Days

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Summer is the season for ice cream, watermelon, and long days spent in the pool or on a lake. This Sunnylife Flamingo Kiddy Float is the ideal pool companion. It’s fun, whimsical, and fantastic for kids who are just learning to swim. It’s designed for children over the age of 3 years and weighing under 20kg.

The Sunnylife Flamingo Kiddy Float is not intended for use as a safety device. Kids using this cute pool toy should be supervised by an adult. This float measures 44 x 57 x 70cm and is made with sturdy 0.2mm PVC plastic.

Celebrate summer and the Christmas season by giving the Sunnylife Flamingo Kiddy Float as a fun gift for kids! And you can save time by taking advantage of our deluxe gift-wrapping service. Greeting cards and gift-wrapping options are available during checkout.

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Sunnylife Kiddy Float Flamingo

If you need some birthday presents for your child, be sure to consider the Sunnylife Kiddy Float Flamingo, children’s favourite companion during a day at the beach or pool.

Since many Australian families like to spend a day at the beach, or a day at the pool, you simply cannot miss out on the floats inside our birthday presents range. Naturally, our range of birthday presents is not limited to floats for children, because we also offer many suitable floats for adults as well. So, if you are preparing for a day at the beach, be sure to benefit from this birthday presents range.

Birds, Bugs, Beasts & Blossoms Sticker Book

Customers looking for fun Xmas presents for their child must consider the Birds, Bugs, Beasts & Blossoms Sticker Book. This softcover book has been created by Lisa Houck and includes more than 150 reusable stickers. The sticker book also includes more than 50 designs, so children will be able to create their own masterpiece with stickers!

The Birds, Bugs, Beasts & Blossom Sticker Book from our Xmas presents range is perfect for children who are creative. Since the stickers are reusable, this is one of our Xmas presents that keeps on giving. So instead of getting a basic colouring book that your child cannot reuse, why not add one of these sticker books from our Xmas presents range and increase the fun!

Solitaire Playing Cards

Our presents for kids range includes some presents for older children as well; this includes a pack of solitaire playing cards, an ideal present for teens with a love for card games. Even though most card games can be played on the computer nowadays, nothing beats a traditional pack of playing cards that guarantees many hours of family fun.

The Solitaire Playing Cards from Everything but Flowers are durable playing cards made from PVC plastic. They also feature the windows 3.0 solitaire graphics, so if your child is familiar with computer solitaire, they are bound to appreciate a pack of these playing cards.

Naturally, this pack of solitaire playing cards is not only suitable for children, because many adults with a love for card games would love a pack of these cards as well. So, no matter the age of the card lover, pick up a pack of these cards for the ultimate surprise!

Nanoblock Squirrel

One type of toy that has increased in popularity of the years is the Nanoblock, a block that is considerably smaller than the standard Lego, but offers players a lot more options where creativity is concerned. However, the size of the block means that this toy is only suitable for children aged 8 and older.

The Nanoblock Squirrel is one of the finest Nanoblock collections in our range. It comes with full colour instructions and only takes a half hour to complete. However, this does not mean that our Nanoblock Squirrel cannot ensure many hours of fun, because this set of Nanoblocks contains anything between 100 and 180 pieces. Therefore, these Nanoblocks enable children to get more creative and create all kinds of unique things with these blocks.

Day of the Dinosaurs Hardcover Book

Many young boys like to learn about dinosaurs. Therefore, buying them a book on dinosaurs can help to peek their interest in learning, and give them a head start in school. Inside our range of books for children, parents can find the perfect dinosaur book for their little boy – the Day of the Dinosaurs Hardcover Book.

By reading the Day of the Dinosaurs Hardcover Book, children can get more familiar with the four dinosaur periods, more specifically Triassic, early Jurassic, late Jurassic and Cretaceous. When going through all the dinosaur periods, the child will learn which dinosaur was the fastest, or discover the biggest dinosaur.

The Day of the Dinosaurs Hardcover Book also includes many illustrations, which were created by Daniel Chester. These illustrations accompany the interesting facts and information provided by Steve Brusatte, and ensures that children will get hours of fun from this book, which can be read repeatedly.

Charley Harper Birds Growth Chart

When children are young, they cannot wait to grow. Therefore, it can be a good idea to invest in a good growth chart, which measures the growth of your child, but also teaches them something about birds along the way.

The Charley Harper Birds Growth Chart is anything but boring, because this growth chart is decorated with gorgeous artwork from artist Charley Harper. The chart also includes numerous small wall stickers, which can be added to the chart each time your child grows. 

In addition to being a present for children, the growth chart can also be a good present for expecting parents. The Charley Harper Birds Growth Chart is the perfect addition to a nursery, toy room or a child’s bedroom, so if the expecting parents are still decorating, you could consider this chart as a gift.

The Charley Harper Birds Growth Chart starts at a height of 45.7 centimetres, and goes all the way to 167.6 centimetres. So, parents will not miss any important milestones when they have this growth chart in their possession.

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