Sticker Kit - Charley Harpers Birds

Inspired by Artworks of Charley Harper

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This is a fun way for children to explore art, and unleash their creativity. This gorgeous sticker kit includes over 180 reusable vinyl stickers that will allow them to explore the imagery of artist Charley Harper, and recreate the 12 included birds from the stickers.

The double sided play area within the kit measures 17.8 x 25.4cm, offering plenty of space to get creative to arrange and re-use the stickers over and over.

The included booklet features illustrations of 12 birds along with necessary and interesting information about each one, to inspire children to use the stickers to recreate each bird. A wonderful gift for birthdays or great Christmas gift for kids; because what child doesn’t love stickers! Packaged for easy storage in a 19cm x 26.6cm x 1.9cm box.

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Charley Harper’s Birds Sticker Kit

When it comes to buying Christmas presents for kids, getting creative is such a challenge. For many parents, the dilemma of choosing between fun toys and educational books is never fun. Christmas is a time for celebration and it is probably your child’s favourite holiday. One of the things that kids love about this season is the gifts they get, thus it is so important that you get their Christmas presents right every time.

Getting Christmas presents for kids should be no problem if you know where to look. Learning should never be compromised for playtime and this is why when you choose your kid’s Christmas presents, you should always look for items that are a combination of education and fun. Charley Harper’s Sticky Birds Sticker Kit is one of those gift items which mix playtime with learning time. Learn about different bird species while having fun playing with the stickers included in this kit.

What is Inside the Charley Harper’s Sticky Birds Sticky Kits?

Charley Harper’s Sticky Birds is an animal sticker kit inspired by the artworks of artist, Charley Harper. The kit includes 6 sheets of over 180 durable and reusable vinyl sticker designs. Your kids will surely spend countless hours of fun over the stickers while exploring Harper’s art and developing their own creativity. The kit includes a booklet which features 12 birds and interesting facts about each one. This booklet with original birds can be the basis for the bird’s original look; your child can copy the ways the birds look in the booklet, memorise the look, and do the design on their own, or take charge of the creative vision and make up their own design! The kit also includes a double sided play area measuring 17.8 x 25.4 cm where your kids can get creative trying to arrange and re-use the stickers to create different scenarios for the different birds. As your kids create new environments for each bird type, they develop their creativity skills and get inspired in the process.

Why Do Stickers make Good Christmas Presents for Kids?

It is no doubt that kids love stickers, this alone is a good reason for it to be considered a great Christmas present. Many stickers available in gift shops are included in sticker kits where kids are encouraged to practice their creative skills by arranging and re-using stickers to create different scenarios. These types of stickers are the toys that encourage learning, thus making them great Christmas presents for kids.

It is worth noting that collecting stickers is quite useful in the development of a child’s mathematical and logical thinking, mental classification and seriation. As parents, you can help your child develop these skills by asking your child about the information seen on their stickers without them looking at the stickers.

What are Other Charley Harper Items I can give as Christmas Presents for Kids?

Charley Harper is an American artist known for his depiction of wildlife, especially birds. He is known to use only simple shapes in his creations instead of drawing small details. As tribute to his many creations, a lot of items that feature his artwork are sold at online gift shops. If you’re looking for other Charley Harper items, then check out this Charley Harper Birds Growth Chart where kids can happily monitor their growth using the wall sticker growth chart and the 50 stickers included to customise the chart. For older kids interested in Charley Harper, check out this Tree of Life Puzzle. The Tree of Life Puzzle is a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle which features Harper’s artworks and depictions of animals, insects, and plant life. It is the perfect family activity for parties, game nights and holidays.

Where Can I Buy the Charley Harper’s Birds Sticker Kit?

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