Sophie the Giraffe Marine Kids Sunglasses

Perfect For Busy Outdoors Loving Kids

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What children don’t love outdoor adventure, but there’s no reason to put their young eyes at risk from harmful sun rays, thanks to the Sophie The Giraffe Marine Sunglasses, little eyes can stay protected for endless fun in the sun.

Featuring shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, these gorgeous sunnies feature a navy blue finish and internal star pattern in a wayfarer style. The lenses are 100% UVA and UVB protective and are crafted to meet Australia Standards AS/NZS 1067;2003.

We know kids can be tough on accessories which is why these sunnies come complete with a protective pouch and removable silicone strap that keeps them right where they should be even during play time. Another wonderful gift for kids from Everything But Flowers.

These sunglasses provide 100% protection from harmful UV radiation and conform to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1067:2003

Category 3: Sunglasses High Sunglare Reduction. Good UV Protection

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Sophie the Giraffe Marine Kids Sunglasses

When looking for the perfect Christmas present for your kid, you have to be methodological and smart. Christmas is one of the most favourite holidays of children, and the best way to cap off your child’s night is by giving him or her the kids Christmas present that he or she deserves.

Your Christmas present need not be extravagant or huge. For a kid, opening the wrappers of a Christmas present is already part of the experience. As someone who cares for a kid, the best kind of Christmas present is one that a child would always be able to use and enjoy. Here at Everything But Flowers, we have a kids Christmas present that will definitely fit the bill—the Sophie the Giraffe Marine Kids Sunglasses.

Why Choose the Sophie the Giraffe Marine Kids Sunglasses as a Kid’s Christmas Present?

There are heaps of reasons why you should choose the Sophie the Giraffe Marine Kids Sunglasses as a Christmas present for your precious little one. This kind of kids Christmas present sets such an unprecedented standard as it combines utility with fashion.

For starters, the Sophie the Giraffe Marine Kids Sunglasses are an accessory that boasts of incredible style. Its frames are wayfarer-style and coloured with different shades of blue. The design is also enhanced by the numerous stars scattered along the frame and the body of the sunglasses. For any child, both male and female, this gorgeous kids Christmas present is absolutely something that one would be proud of.

Apart from its amazing design, what’s incredible with the Sophie the Giraffe Marine Kids Sunglasses is its remarkable function. This product does not just serve as an accessory. It is also an instrument for protection. The lenses of the sunglasses are made with polycarbonate material. Although it is lighter and thinner than the standard glass or plastic lens, it is ten times stronger and firmer. These shatterproof sunglasses also protect your child’s eyes from UVA and UVB rays, giving him or her the freedom to go out and brave the sun without an ounce of worry.

Exciting complementary items are also included when you buy the Sophie the Giraffe Marine Kids Sunglasses as a Christmas present. You will be given a pouch for the protection of the sunglasses, and a silicone strap to keep the sunglasses safe during play time. 

Is Sophie La Giraffe a Trustworthy Brand?

For any parent, it is important that you know that the Christmas present you give to your child is safe and made with care. The manufacturer of the Marine Kids Glasses is Vulli. It began as a company that specialises in mechanical toys for infants. Now, it has grown to be a company that designs products that assist the development of children in all stages of growth.

Due to its massive success, the products of Vulli have spread to over 75 countries all around the world. Their manufacturing process is based on the idea of sustainable development, ensuring that every step in the manufacturing process does not make the world worse for our future children. Vulli also adheres to the international regulations set by industry experts in order to ensure the highest level of safety to every product it makes.

Where Can You Find the Best Christmas Present for Your Child?

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