Kids World Map Puzzle, 100pc

eeBoo World Geography Puzzle Ages 5+

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What if we told you wed found you the perfect gift to teach children about the world, while being friendly to the environment and lots of fun too? Well, we have!

Introducing this lovely 100 piece world puzzle from eeBoo, made from 90% recycled materials this puzzle features thick, sturdy board and bright, beautiful imagery that will have kids entertained for hours.

Recommended for children aged 5+, they wont even realise theyre learning, and if they do realise, theyll love it anyway. One of our favourite Christmas presents for kids this year, it makes the ideal gift for birthdays or other special occasions too.

Measuring 45 x 185cm when completed, the 100 gorgeous puzzle pieces come packaged in a 33 x 22cm box for easy storage.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Two Kids Christmas Presents that are Both Eco-Friendly and Fun

According to the usual dictionaries definition, being eco-friendly means being conscious of the environment. Eco-friendliness means recycling, reusing, and snagging products that are safe for the Earth, which leaves heaps of cool stuff that can double as fun kids Christmas presents. Eeboo know how to create amazing eco-friendly Christmas gifts for kids like the 100 piece world puzzle that will have them occupied for hours.

Two of our eco-friendliest bestsellers would make great kids Christmas presents, like our Eco Crafts Scrapbook Kit. This planet-friendly must-have is perfect for crafty kiddos who love documenting their fondest memories with pictures, quotes, songs, fun colours, and sayings. There are 380 elements in this kit, such as stickers, buttons, coloured pencils, glue, squiggly-cut scissors, and bunches of other cool papers, textures, and neat stuff.

Our second eco-friendly bestseller that ranks as one of the best kids Christmas presents is our Set of 10 Eco-Friendly Ergonomic Crayons. These crayons have been re-melted and remade using colourful crayon wax, shaped into easier-gripped crayons for ambidexterity and precision colouring. Each crayon is colourful with a slimmer middle for easier grasping when drawing and colouring.

Kids Christmas Gifts - Earth-Loving Activities for Teaching Eco-Friendliness

In our world of tech-savviness and excess, teaching eco-friendliness can be a bit challenging. Parents who appreciate the Earth and seek to save our planet are often faced with the dilemma of teaching their kiddos the same values. Luckily, we have a wide range of earth-loving activities that are helpful in passing down eco-friendliness, and each of these make awesome kids Christmas presents too.

Our Life on Earth Matching Game is handcrafted from 99% recycled materials from the brilliant minds at eeBoo. These awesome toy makers have created a beautiful and colourful game of earth-savvy matching, where kids solve puzzles by pairing up 24 tiled couples of animals in their natural habitats. Or, following the same eco-friendly vein, we have an Eco Toys Crab Design Frisbee that kids will love playing with at the beach.

Cool Science and Eco Friendly Toys that make Awesome Kids Christmas Presents

Wild Science is a neat-o toy maker who specializes in eco-friendly science toys, which, as we have established, make some of the most awesome kids Christmas presents. Our eco-friendly favourite from Wild Science is a fully functional Worm Farm. Sure, it might make mom a little squeamish, but kiddos will love building a little environment for wriggling wigglers. Science-minded youngsters can watch their miniature worm gardens thrive, while the worms tunnel through their custom-created sand terrariums.

The Eco-Friendliest Kids Christmas Presents that Hone Problem-Solving Skills

We have pretty much covered the fact that eco-friendly toys make the best kids Christmas presents, especially because they teach youngsters how to reduce, reuse, and recycle to help save and protect our planet. Personally, we love the eeBoo Natural Science Puzzle, which is a 1000 piece jigsaw that features the various flora, fauna, and animals of the world. The puzzle is chaotic and busy, making it the ultimate toy for kids who are honing their problem-solving skills.

So, you see, giving eco-friendly kids gifts for Christmas is super easy with Everything but Flowers to help guide you and find the best gifts for all the family.