1000 Piece Puzzle 'The Letter P'

Mike Wilks Artwork in a Puzzle

Sold Out


Mike Wilks does it again with his 1984 artwork The Letter P which has been beautifully reproduced into a delightful puzzle by Pomegranate Artpiece Puzzles.

Wilks describes this image as A picture of pictures and were sure you can see what he means. Can you spot the pineapple, pestle or partially painted panda? We think teenagers and older children are going to love the challenge and delight this puzzle will bring.

Measuring 51cm x 70cm its large enough to offer intricate detail and the included list of P items and key included inside will help ease the frustration if the Ps become hard to find.

This is a beautiful, high quality reproduction of Wilks image, with the puzzle pieces crafted from sturdy board that will stand the test of time. Ideal for children over the age of 3 due to the small puzzle pieces.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

Tips and Tricks to Shopping for Christmas Presents for Older Kids

We have all been there. You know, that point when you are too old to like the things you liked as a younger child or toddler, but too young to like the same things that most adults have interest in. This is frustrating when YOU are the kid, surebut it is double frustrating when your kiddos reach this stage and you are left wondering how to shop for Christmas gifts for older kids.

First of allrelax and take a deep breath. Lucky for you, we have a wide range of bestselling everything that double as great Christmas gifts for older kidsregardless if those teens and preteens show interest in a single hobby, multiple hobbies, or no hobbies at all. From books, fun crafts, interior dcor for kiddo bedrooms, and references to pop culture, we have something for everyone, making it easier to shop for Christmas presents for older kids.

Christmas Gifts for Older Kids Shopping for Preteen and Teenage Girls

Preteens are usually called tweens because of their in-between agesnot quite adults, but not quite young children anymore. This complicates their interests too, because puberty is a new breed of disturbing beast, which makes it all the more difficult to shop for tweens and young teens. Fortunately, these little ladies usually love all things fashionable and fabulous, shining a light on more shopping options to consider when perusing the perfect Christmas gifts for older kids.

For example, our Cord Bracelets BFF Creative Set encourages girlie-girls to use their artsy skills and imagination to create beautiful, hand-woven bracelets for their best friends. Or, for little manicurists-to-be, we have the I-Scream Nails DIY Art Booka collection of step-by-step designs that give your fashionable sweetheart the chance to stretch their creative muscles to make cool nail designs using their nails, your nails, or their friends nails.

Christmas Presents for Older Kids Presents for Tween and Teenage Boys

When shopping for Christmas gifts for older kids, tween and teenage boys can be just as difficult to pinpoint as tween and teenage girls. Their interests and hobbies change so much on a month-to-month, or even day-to-day, basis, which really makes it harder to get a handle on what older kids like.

However, we do have a few bestsellers that are making the rounds for tween and teenage boys when it comes to Christmas gifts for older kids. The Zombies Have Issues Book is one bestseller that is sweeping the teen masses. While another is the 4D Great White Shark Modela 4D puzzle that showcases the entire anatomy of a Great White Shark from the inside out.

How Experiences Double as Great Christmas Gifts for Older Kids

When toys and books are simply too simple as Christmas gifts for older kids, grab them a new, memorable experience instead. For older kids with a sweet tooth, indulge them with our Chocolate Walking Tour for 2 in Melbourne. Or, if your kiddo loves adventure and learning new skills, treat them to a Bondi Surf Experience with personal training from a seasoned professional trainer and surfer.