Noah's Ark Puzzle, 1000pc

Featuring Artwork by Mike Wilks

Sold Out


Mike Wilks knows a thing or two about creating stunning and fun artworks, as youll see with The Ultimate Noah's Ark which has been reproduced to create this beautiful puzzle.

Can you see the 700 animals cleverly hidden within the picture? This is a wonderful Christmas gift for kids or perhaps for their birthday. We think adults who love animals, puzzles or the beautiful story of Noah's ark will appreciate this gorgeous gift too.

Measuring 70cm x 51cm this large size puzzle is hours of fun, not just when piecing it together, but also once finished to challenge family and friends to find all the quirky animals in the image.

Perfect for puzzle experts, or those who just love piecing puzzles together for a bit of fun, this is a gift for those aged over 3 years old due to the smaller sized puzzle pieces.

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So we've got lots of great online Christmas gifts for kids of all ages; and the 1000 Piece Pomegranate Artpiece Puzzle 'Noahs Ark' isn't just for the kids either, it's a great idea for all the family to get together to create the stunning imagery piece by piece. At everything but flowers; we stock thousands of online gifts for women, gifts for men and fun gifts for kids, ready to deliver in our online store; direct to their door. All the presents you need for every occasion.