Pancakes! Board Book

A Cooking Experience without Any of the Mess!

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Cooking with children can be a fun way to spend a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. It can also be very messy. Pancakes! the board book provides a cooking experience without any of the associated mess. From cracking eggs to adding syrup to the finished product, this book is filled with fun interactive wheels, tabs, and much more.

Illustrated by Lotta Nieminem and designed by Meagan Bennett. Board Book Dimensions: 20 x 20cm. 16 pages.

Pancakes! is a must-have board book for kids 3-6 years old that love to cook and help in the kitchen! We recommend giving this innovative book as a fun Christmas gift or birthday present. Save time and hassle by using our premium gift-wrapping service, available during checkout.

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Educational Birthday Presents and Christmas Presents for Kids at Everything but Flowers!

Sometimes, the greatest gift you can give to a child is the gift of learning. Still, most kids don’t see learning as fun, so adults have to cleverly disguise educational birthday presents and Christmas presents. To help you to do just that, we have created an overview of clever educational birthday presents and Christmas presents for kids below, so all you have to do is pick one out!

Why Should I Choose Pancakes from the Christmas presents for Kids Catalogue?

Our first recommendation from our Christmas presents for kids collection is the Pancakes – an Interactive Recipe Book. One of the essential life skills children have to learn is cooking, so why not start them early with a simple and comprehensible book teaching them this valuable skill?

The Pancakes – an Interactive Recipe Book, provides a great interactive cooking experience for children. The book is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 6 and contains 16 pages of interactive fun. Of course, this book from our Christmas presents for kids range is beautifully illustrated too, so children stay interested in what this book can teach them.

Why Should I Choose Wild Science Weird Slime Lab from the Christmas Present Ideas for Kids Catalogue?

A great educational gift from our Christmas presents for kids catalogue is undoubtedly the Wild Science Weird Slime Lab. This fun set teaches children all about science but does it in a subtle and interactive manner. With this set, children can make tadpole soup, blood clots, coloured gels, exploding leeches and much more. Of course, it teaches them about chemical reactions and physics at the same time!

The Wild Science Weird Slime Lab from the Christmas present ideas for kids catalogue is suitable for children aged 10 and older and can prepare them for future school life. The set is also completely safe, since it does not contain toxic materials or harmful substances that could harm the child.

Why Should I Choose the Sunnylife Kiddy Float Toucan from the Christmas Present Ideas for Kids Catalogue?

Learning how to swim is another part of growing up, but first contact with the water can be scary for some children. Therefore, we recommend adding the Sunnylife Kiddy Float Toucan to your gift selection today, which can be used as a fun pool toy, but also ease the transition from land to water for a young child.

The Sunnylife Kiddy Float Toucan measures 44 x 57 x 70 centimetres and has a weight capacity of 20 kilograms. It is specifically designed for children starting from the age of three and is made with 0.2 millimetres PVC plastic; this ensures optimal durability. This toucan also comes with a repair kit, just in case of an accidental puncture during pool play.

Why Should I Choose the Games & Colouring Placemat Set from the Christmas Present Ideas for Kids Catalogue?

There are many toys available at Everything but Flowers that could fuel a child’s creativity, which is one of the reasons why we recommend the following gift from our Christmas present ideas for kids range. The Games & Colouring Placemat Set contains 24 sheets, each with a nice illustration or game.

The placemats included in this set could be used before dinner time – or during dinner time! It gives children an outlet for their creativity and teaches them some vital fine motor skills, all without disrupting dinner!

What Are Some Other Educational Christmas Presents Young Recipients Will Like?

Teaching children life skills is important, so you can count on many other educational gifts that have been added to the Everything but Flowers collection by our team. This includes gifts such as books, but also other educational toys and sets that will keep children entertained for hours. So, if you have not found the perfect educational gift for your young recipient, we urge you to look at the rest of our collection today to get some inspiration.

In addition to physical gifts, there are more good Christmas presents you could consider from Everything but Flowers. One of the additional good Christmas presents in our catalogue is an experience, which is educational and fun too.

The range of experiences in our good Christmas presents catalogue is quite diverse. We can offer customers children safaris, but also surfing lessons and swimming with the sharks experiences. If you are looking for good Christmas presents that are quite original too, you cannot go wrong with an experience.

Naturally, there are loads of good Christmas presents to discover at Everything but Flowers. If you are lacking some inspiration this holiday season, you can undoubtedly get some great ideas simply by looking at our extensive catalogue.

Do you need some help picking out the right education present for a child? Or are you struggling with the age ranges available on our website? Feel free to contact Everything but Flowers for some additional assistance. Our team can always be reached via live chat and telephone during business hours, but also via email outside business hours!