Paper Doll Set - Musician & Artist

Gorgeous Dress-up Paperdolls & Play Scenes

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Take this lovely pair of paper dolls on wandering adventures thanks to their stand up play scenes and re-usable clothing and accessories. Elodie and Naomi are an artist and musician looking for a little girl to dress them and take them on amazing journeys.

This delightful set contains a double sided stand-up scene measuring 51cm x 25.5, 2 ‘Thoughtful Girl’ Paperdolls measuring 19.5 cm made from sturdy heavy board, 2 sheets of electrostatic vinyl clothing and accessories and packaged in a gorgeous box with its own handle measuring 26cm x 26cm which makes it easy to take anywhere.

EeBoo continue to design and create delightful toys for children that are inspired by days gone by, yet loved by modern day kids. Recommended for children aged 5+ this is a special gift for hours of fun play.

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Paper Doll Set - Musician & Artist

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Paper Doll Sets Make the Perfect Christmas Present for Kids
We all know how it feels to be a kid during Christmas. There seems so to be something different in the year. Yes, that might just be the snow but deep in your heart, you knew that something special is waiting just around the corner. We felt it as kids and it is imperative that kids these days also experience that feeling. No childhood is ever complete without receiving gifts during this festive time of the year. No childhood is complete without leaving a plate of cookies for Santa once he arrives in the middle of the night. All these experiences and more are just some of the things that made our childhood a treasured memory. Christmas, in the first place, is a time for kids.
The times may have changed. There are now iPads and smartphones where we used to just have board games and games we made up on our own. These things used to be a given activity whenever family would come over during Christmas. Give them the same experience you had as a kid during Christmas with Christmas presents for kids that harken back to those days. A paper doll set is an especially great Christmas presents for kids since it can stimulate their creativity and imagination more than a game on a tablet ever will. It allows them to work with their hands and flexes their creative muscles so that they get more re-playable fun with a paper doll set.
And as little girls, who would not want to play with dolls? Sure, they may just be paper dolls but the things they can do with it are endless. It can keep them occupied for hours and is simply one of the most engaging toys we also used to play with back when we were kids, ourselves. You know what’s even better? You can even play with them as they dress up their paper dolls thereby creating a way by which you both can spend quality time together.
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Elodie and Naomi are artists and musicians, respectively, who are just looking for someone to make sure their outfits are terrific and lovely. Your little girl can take them on music tours or gallery exhibits and make sure that they are dressed for the occasion. This precious paper doll set is created with a stand up scene with the dolls made of heavy boards that will ensure they last your little girl a long time. The outfits and accessories are made of electrostatic vinyl that makes this set highly reusable.
This Paper Doll Set - Musician & Artist can open their eyes into the unexplored world of their imagination. Let them unleash their fancy with endless adventures they can embark on with Elodie and Naomi. This is certainly a toy that even modern girls will love. So, don’t miss out on giving your little girl the experience you once had as a kid. Give Christmas presents for kids that they will surely love.
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