Musical Animal Shape Sorter

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Babies and toddlers will delight in the animal sounds as they match the cute rattling shapes to their correct place with this musical shape sorter toy.

Each animal features its own sound of Moo, Baa, Quack and Oink when placed in its correct position, as well as fun music to sing to when switched to music mode. They’ll enjoy singing to ‘Pop goes the Weasel’, ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘The Farmer Wants a Wife’.

Not only is there fun to be had shape sorting, the back of the board features a range of developmental fun including dials to twist, a mirror to see, and abacus pieces too.

This great toy from TOLO is recommended for age 12months+ and helps to develop colour recognition, dexterity, shape recall, judgement and memory along with sound recognition and hand-eye coordination. When it comes to great ideas for Christmas presents for kids, or birthday gifts that will be enjoyed all year; then we love educational toys that are fun like this one.

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Musical Animal Shape Sorter

It’s never too late or too early to buy Christmas presents for kids. You may think that you’ll save more money by buying things as the season approaches, but you’ll find out soon enough that this is actually a bad idea. While there will be plenty of sales in the months leading to Christmas, you’re not really sure which stores will give them out. And since one of the most popular gift categories are Christmas presents for kids, you won’t even be sure if you’ll have something to buy when the time comes. Limited stocks and discounts don’t really help you much when you’re already struggling just to get something for the kids.
Christmas presents like the Musical Animal Shape Sorter is one of the many gifts that you can avail now from Everything But Flowers. By shopping here, you don’t have to do a lot of catching up once December rolls in.
What is the Musical Animal Shape Sorter?
The Musical Animal Shape Sorter is a small educational toy that allows kids to exercise their skills through their faculties of vision and sound while they are having fun. It’s also portable and has a handle, so that kids won’t have any trouble bringing it around the house or when you’re all traveling somewhere. It comes with 4 animal sounds and shapes and has an easy switch so you can just turn it off when you’re not using it anymore. In addition to this, the Musical Animal Shape Sorter is also from successful toy brand TOLO, and is recommended for kids 12 months old and above.
This particular toy has been especially crafted with the development and enjoyment of children in mind. TOLO believes that children should be playing with toys that will help them adjust as they grow up. The Musical Animal Shape Sorter is just one of the many educational and meaningful products from them you’ll find available in Everything But Flowers. Giving it will not only show the kids that you care; it also shows the parents that you’ve thought about the welfare of their kids, too, and that you have their best interest at heart. Christmas presents for kids should be helpful not only for kids but also for their parents who are likewise trying to guide their kids and mould them into the perfect person they want to become in the future. The Musical Animal Shape Sorter fits that description down to the last detail.
What are the Advantages of a Musical Animal Shape Sorter?

If you are thinking of getting this as one of your Christmas presents for kids, then you won’t be disappointed. Aside from allowing your kids to associate shapes with sounds, it also allows them to develop problem solving skills through trial and error, and helps them enhance their patience and persistence. Since this specific shape sorter requires accurate placement of the animal shapes, it can also assist kids in improving their fine motor skills and coordination.
Shape sorters also provide some language stimulation which is good for when you’re trying to teach your kids to associate not only sound but also the appearance of the animals. It also helps them voice out their thoughts through echoing or trying to communicate something about the animals and shapes. This may be true for signing their request or vocalising it for you. It generally works at any stage of their language development stages.
And while this seems like plenty of information for them to take in, it really won’t matter to them. Their general mindset will be just playing with toys. Learning just then comes naturally after that. Christmas presents for kids like this can also help develop a child’s cognitive skills through its use of different colours, sizes, and shapes.
Where to Buy Christmas Presents For Kids?
The Musical Animal Shape Sorter and other Christmas presents for kids can be ordered from Everything But Flowers. We also offer a wide range of new and innovative products for every member of the family, and continuously update our catalogue so you can always check to see if there’s something you can either buy for other people or just buy for yourself.
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So, what are you waiting for? Grab this Musical Animal Shape Sorter now and enjoy the amount of free time you’ll have later on!