Lonely Planet Kids Amazing World Atlas Book

Features More Than 50 Maps and 300 Photographs

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This Lonely Planet Kids Amazing World Atlas features fascinating and easy-to-understand maps that make learning about our incredible world more fun than ever. The book is filled with colourful illustrations, over 300 photographs, and great information about topics of interest like culture and sports. Learning geography has never been so exciting!

Dimensions: 1.5 x 23 x 30.5cm. 160 pages.

If you would like to give the whole world to a lucky little kid, may we recommend this Lonely Planet Kids Amazing World Atlas? It’s fun, colourful, and educational, making it great for kids 7-12 years old. Save time during the holiday season and wrap this Christmas gift by taking advantage of our premium gift-wrapping service. Bows and cards can be found during checkout.

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What Kids Christmas Gift Ideas Suit Children Who Are Curious About The Planet?

The wide and wonderful world is more accessible to children than ever before, thanks to the internet and nature channels on TV. The variety of animals and plant life on our planet is mindboggling, with more species discovered every year. Scientists are only getting to know the wild and incredible creatures in the very deep parts of the ocean.

You can buy Christmas Gifts for Kids that will open their eyes to even more of the world. Children are taught to care for the planet, and can take conservation very seriously. So what gifts for kids this Christmas can you buy to enlighten young minds?

Kids Always Love Maps

What is it about maps that children love them so much? Is it the colour, the shapes, or learning about all the countries and where they are that fascinate children? Whatever it is, kids scour maps with tremendous curiosity, which is why they always make such desirable Christmas gifts for children.

Lonely Planet is a famous travel brand, famous for its informed and unique guides to the countries of the world. We have the Lonely Planet Kids Amazing World Atlas Book, that has more than 50 maps and 300 photographs. This is a supreme Atlas Christmas present for kids.

It's aimed at kids from 7-12 years old and is packed with information about culture, what sports are popular where, and other facts that make geography fun and fascinating. When you buy Christmas gifts for kids, you're probably aware of the parents too! Educational Christmas presents for children like The Lonely Planet Kids Amazing World Atlas Book will impress the parents and delight the child – what we call a win-win present!

Wall maps are always a staple of a youngster's bedroom. We've a couple of wall maps that are unusual and interactive, so kids will enjoy them – plus these attractive Christmas gifts for kids will look great on their wall.

What Can I Buy A Kid Who Likes To Explore?

Buying Christmas presents for children who love to venture into the world can be tricky, since they're still kids. If they're into going on jaunts, they'll need a backpack or rucksack to put in their sandwiches and other necessities as they explore. You'll find our carryalls for kids are designed for them to enjoy. They're made from eco-friendly materials, so your Xmas gifts for children will please them and the parents. Plus they're designed by talented artists, which means they look great! Oh, and they're quality too, made to last.

If you really want to impress a kid with your Christmas presents, we've some Experiences for kids where they get to go on a safari, swim close to sharks (whilst protected in a cage!), and other awesome adventures for children. They'll find so much wonder in the world. The TV and internet are great, but there's nothing like seeing the world for real.