Life on Earth Matching Game

Delightful Eco Friendly Kids Game from eeBoo

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Take kids on a journey around the world as they discover beautiful flora and fauna with the Life on Earth Matching Game from eeBoo. 24 pairs of durable tiles are beautifully illustrated by renowned childrens book artist Melissa Sweet. Made from 90% recycled board and printed from safe soy-based inks this is one that helps the environment and the kids.

Featuring colourful and inspiring imagery; including tigers, chameleon, bears, birds and more kids will be swept away on a journey of beauty as they challenge their friends and family. Who has the best memory?

Recommended for ages 5+ this game is easy to play. Simply lay the tiles face down, and everyone gets a go to turn over two tiles and see if they get a matching pair if its a not then the cards are turned back over and the next person goes, but keep watching closely, the closer your observe, the better the chance of matching pairs becomes. Match a pair and add them to your collection the player with the most pairs wins.

Beautifully packaged in a 23cm x 23cm box this game helps improve childrens memory skills and observation skills; a hidden advantage! A great gift idea for kids Christmas presents or an wonderful choice for birthday gifts too.

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