365 Things to do with LEGO Bricks Hardcover Book

LEGO Fun For Rainy Days & Any Day

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The childhood toy that spans generations for both it’s memories and it’s creativity; LEGO is adored worldwide for the joy that it creates. This gorgeous hardcover book features amazing things to do with LEGO that will inspire their play.

365 Things to do with LEGO features a wide range of items to build, games to play and ideas for how to get the most out of any lego collection. With information the whole family will enjoy, this hardcover book measures 27.6cm x 22.9cm and offers 256 pages of LEGO inspiration.

A wonderful book gift for Christmas or birthdays, we’ve got a magical range of children’s books that are guaranteed to delight.

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Everything but Flowers has some remarkable Christmas presents for kids, so you can certainly count on our store for all your Christmas present needs. Below, you will find some of our latest additions to the Christmas presents for kids catalogue, but also some of our personal favourites for kids this holiday season.

Which Books for Kids Could I Obtain as Christmas Presents?

There are some wonderful books for kids that could be used as Christmas presents, especially books such as our “365 Things to Do with Lego Bricks”; this book from our Christmas presents catalogue is mainly suitable for boys but guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours.

Customers who are looking for presents for girls can find some matching books for them too. For girls, we recommend “I Am a Cat”, a storybook from our presents for girls range. “I Am a Cat” from our presents for girls catalogue tells the story of Simon, a little kitten that struggles with the challenges of being small. Of course, this book from the presents for girls catalogue is a good choice to teach girls a valuable lesson, since it tells girls it is okay to just be themselves.

Please note that there are countless other books suitable for Christmas in our presents for girls and presents for boys catalogue. So, if you want more options, we certainly recommend looking at our book section.

Which Christmas Present Could I Buy for Creative Kids from Everything but Flowers?

Creative presents are extremely popular during the holiday season, since these types of presents can keep kids preoccupied while adults celebrate the holiday season. If you are looking to give a creative present, we have several suggestions you might appreciate today.

One of the choices for the creative child is a nice colouring roll, giving kids with an almost endless supply of things to colour. Everything but Flowers has such a roll available, more specifically the Fantastic GIANT Colouring Roll By OMY.

The Fantastic GIANT Colouring Roll by OMY measures 1.8m x 1m. It contains countless illustrations to be coloured in, which means it will take your young recipient a while to get this all coloured in. Once the Fantastic GIANT Colouring Roll by OMY has been coloured in, it can also be mounted on the wall as a poster.

Customers who choose the Fantastic GIANT Colouring Roll by OMY should also look at some of the colouring pencils available in our catalogue. Even though it is likely your young recipient already has a selection of colouring pencils, adding some colouring pencils to your present guarantees that your recipient can start colouring immediately.

Which Games Could I Buy as Christmas Presents for Kids from Everything but Flowers?

Everything but Flowers offers some fun games for kids this Christmas; this includes some fun puzzles, but also board games. One of our favourite games for children during the holiday season is the Dinosaur Escape Cooperation Game. The Dinosaur Escape Cooperation Game is perfect for Christmas, since this is a game that can be played by the entire family.

The Dinosaur Escape Cooperation Game requires strategic thinking, because you must save the dinosaurs from an erupting volcano during this game. Only through cooperation and strategy, can your family save the dinosaurs and ensure a happy ending for this story.

Which Cool Bedroom Decorations Could I Buy as Christmas Presents?

One last option you have this Christmas is a nice decoration for the bedroom of a boy or girl. At Everything but Flowers, customers will find countless decorations that could look amazing in a child’s bedroom, so customers will have many choices available to them.

Even though there are many decorations in our range, one of the coolest in our opinion is the T-Rex Projector Dino Egg. The T-Rex Projector Dino Egg is the perfect choice for a little boy’s bedroom, since this decoration projects the image of a dinosaur from the egg. How awesome is that!

Of course, there is also a good choice for little girls, the Sunnylife Unicorn Neon Light. The Sunnylife Unicorn Neon Light is designed in the image of the Unicorn, featuring bright colours such as pink, yellow, and blue. We are sure it will look wonderful on a dresser or nightstand.

Where Can I Find More Christmas Gifts for Children at Everything but Flowers?

There are many other presents in our catalogue, which you could consider this holiday season. To find more suitable Christmas presents, simply head over to our main menu and select “kids” to discover available options.

Everything but Flowers aims to bring you the best Christmas present ideas over the holiday season, making it easier to find those Christmas present ideas for your kids, nieces, and nephews. With a large selection of Christmas present ideas to choose from, your Christmas presents are bound to leave a lasting impression.

At Everything but Flowers, customers can also benefit from a premium gift wrapping service. If you have decided to purchase one of our Christmas present ideas, then you can follow it with one of our premium gift wrapping options and make your present stand out even more.

Of course, Everything but Flowers does not solely offer Christmas present ideas for kids, we also have a lot of options for adults during the festive season. If you need more inspiration, why not check out some of the other pages in our catalogue and come up with a series of fantastic gifts this Christmas!

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