Table Tennis Game Set

Old Time Fun From Ridley the Fun Experts

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Kids of all ages young and old will love this fun old time table tennis set from Ridley's. Take a break from electronics and battery operated noisy toys and instead celebrate the gift of Christmas presents for kids that are simple and fun and will have the entire family taking part in their very own ping pong championship challenge.

Beautifully presented in a vintage themed box measuring 27.5cm x 4cm x 6cm this set includes 2 table tennis bats, 3 balls, a net and handy carry bag to keep everything safe and transportable. The perfect rainy day activity or toy to take on holidays.

Suitable for ages 6+ we know this is going to be a favourite this year. Weve done our best to find you the best range of Christmas presents for kids, dads, mums, brothers.. you get the picture; we have amazing gifts for the entire family, online and ready to send now.

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Classic Christmas Gifts for Kids that Modern Youngsters Will Love

We are sure that the Christmas gifts for kids and toys that YOU received as a kid are probably not what your kids are getting this year. Some of the toys we all once played with as youngsters would be called outdated by kiddos nowadays. However, there are new, revamped versions of our beloved classic Christmas gifts for kids and toys that make it easier to introduce modern little ladies and gents to how we spent our free time when we were growing up.

For example, colouring books are timeless, but the patterns and designs have certainly changed over the years. We at Everything But Flowers appreciate the long-lasting fun of colouring books, and we offer a wide array of must-haves for little artists. The Big Book of Things to Find and Colour and The Neon Colouring Book are two of our best-sellers!

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Memory and match games make some of the best Christmas gifts for kids because they are true classics. These types of games have been around for decades, maybe even centuries, because they promote mind betterment and intelligence growth through concentration and fun learning. For instance, our Eeboo I Never Forget an Animal Face Matching Game is a great way for kids to hone their memorising skills while pairing up cute, colourful animals. Only these animals are wearing suits, ties, and adorable apparel like proper little people.

Another great example of a matching and memory game would be our Ben & Holly Opposite Cards Game. This one is another one that helps improve memorising skills, but in a different, more complex way. Instead of simply matching up the same pictures, kids pair up opposites, like light and heavy, dark and light, or big and small.

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Preteens and teens are at that difficult age where they either have tons of interests, or none at all. Most youngsters who are 12 and up are happy with crafty, imaginative Christmas gifts for kids, or even challenging toys that give their minds a jog.

For example, Scrabble Fridge Magnets make great Christmas gifts for kids who spend heaps of time in the kitchen (as most teens do). Whereas, science-minded preteens and teens might find happiness in the Lightning Millennium Plasma Balla plastic ball of colourful electricity that follows fingers when they are pressed to the exterior.

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The best Christmas gifts for kids are those that encourage kids to explore their hobbies and interests, which are often creative and crafty. Some artsy Christmas gifts for kids might be simple, like our Owl Themed Fluorescent Pencils that are vibrant in colour and inclusive of a pencil sharpener. Or, a set of our Watercolour Sparkle Gel Crayons are always a big hit for kids who love drawing and colouring. Then there are out best-selling Eco-Friendly Ergonomic Crayons in an assortment of pretty colours for left and right-handed kiddos.