Kaleidoscope Playing Cards

Create Fun Memories With These Delightful Cards From Rid

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Ridley's Kaleidoscope range really is the most delightful Christmas presents for kids this year, and these playing cards are one of their feature lines. These stunningly illustrated cards come in their own sixties inspired vintage style box with colourful imagery that will delight children of all ages.

With two decks of cards included, kids will be occupied for hours thanks to the handy instructions for a range of games including Go Fish and Old Maid, and when they arent playing the cards store neatly inside the packaging.

While tech gadgets are great; nothing beats the simplicity of card games and the childhood memories that come with them. Its not all about gifts for kids either; we think adults will love these delightful playing cards just as much. The box measures 13.6cm x 9.8cm x 3cm and is recommended for ages 6+.

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The Most Eco-Friendly Christmas Presents for Kids This Year

Eco-friendliness, by definition, is a product; Christmas presents for kids, in this case that will not damage Earth or the environment, and were all worried about doing our best to protect the environment. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are the ways of the future, and it is important to teach our kiddos about eco-friendliness from an early age. Which brings us to the best, eco-friendly Christmas presents for kids and toy ideas for youngsters this year.

These kinds of toys are typically made from recycled materials, such as cardboards and plastics, but used in a way that renews their appearance and gives materials a new purpose. They are eco-friendly in every sense of the word and can usually last MUCH longer than toys that are made from flimsier materials.

Puzzling Christmas Presents for Kids Who Love Challenges

Some of the best examples of eco-friendly Christmas presents for kids are puzzles and games that challenge little imaginations and young minds. These puzzles are great for improving upon problem-solving skills, as they present challenges that kiddos can easily figure out with just a little innovation and concentrational while learning something new in a fun way.

For example, our 100 Piece Eco Friendly Kids World Map Puzzle is a geographical map that gives pint-size dreamers and travellers-to-be the chance to explore the world from the comforts of home. Each piece is colourful and important with different icons to represent different countries around the globe.

Another great example of a challenging, eco-friendly Christmas presents for kids would be our Life on Earth Matching Game. This game is handcrafted from recycled materials, and illustrated by renowned artist Melissa Sweet. Her animal designs are vibrant and alluring, and the game objective is pairing up as many animal cards as possible in record-time. Don't forget the Kaleidoscope Playing Cards for kids who love card games, the are definitely a winning gift.

Long-Lasting Christmas Presents for Eco-Conscious Kiddos

Some of the best eco-friendly Christmas presents for kids are those that can be played with over and over again without losing quality and value. Our Starter Set By Sands Alive, for example, is an indoor, reusable sandbox that kids can mould into fun shapes with the usual sandbox equipment i.e. buckets, rollers, and cool moulds. Think of this as a faux beach in a box!

Books are another long-lasting must-have that youngsters can read and enjoy time and time again. We have an expansive array of cool colouring books and classic reading books that kiddos would love receiving as their Christmas presents this year.

Money Boxes are the Best Eco-Friendly Christmas Presents for Kids

Whether you call them piggy banks or money boxes, the fact remains that these coin-storing receptacles are adorable and long-lasting, making them the perfect eco-friendly Christmas presents for kids. All you have to do is pick the design, colour, and pattern that would make your little cutie the happiest.

The Dinosaur Money Box would be great for kids who have an interest in learning the ins-and-outs of prehistoric life. This dino is decked out in polka dots with colourful spikes, sturdy legs, and a coin slot for kids who want to save up their dough for a rainy day.

So, grab the Kaleidoscope Playing Cards or one of our other amazing gifts at Everything but Flowers; we've got thousands of perfect gift ideas no matter what the ages of the kids you're buying for.