Ideas Journal' Book

Softcover journal, illustrated by Mae Besom

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Its no good to keep all your ideas locked up in your head. They need to see the light of day and to be nourished. With My Ideas Journal, you can write down all your wild, crazy, and amazing ideas. And in these pages you can explore your thoughts, add notes, and give your ideas room to grow.

Inspired by the lovely book What Do You Do with an Idea by author Kobi Yamada, My Ideas Journal features illustrations from Mae Besom, illustrator for both publications. Measuring 7.6"H x 5.6"W, this journal is a great size for the person on the go! Just slip it in your purse, backpack, or satchel, and write down any ideas that come to you, when they come to you.

To help encourage and inspire your friends and family, give this great journal as a Christmas present, birthday, or anytime gift. Pair with What Do You Do with an Idea book for a little extra inspiration.

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Classic Christmas Presents for Kids Who Prefer Board Games over Video Games

Kids are always full of great ideas and the Ideas Journal Notebook is sure to give them the perfect place to keep their thoughts and ideas. But, what kinds of thoughts and ideas can children keep in the Ideas Journal Notebook? We know kids, and a top source of thoughts and ideas are always strategies for games. The Ideas Journal Notebook is perfect for keeping their strategies for board games and video games so they can improve their chances of winning every time they play,

Rare are the days when you actually find children who love board games more than they love video games, especially in the modern era of tech-savviness. However, we know you have a few kiddos in mind already, making our huge selection of classic Christmas presents for kids all the better. There are board games and timeless non-digital games galore, making it easier for entire families to bond with their youngsters over something other than the latest viral YouTube video.

So, to use their Ideas Journal Notebook they'll need some cool games to write about. From our collection of classic Christmas presents for kids, we have games like Scrabble Fridge Magnets, Thomas the Tank JUMBO Wooden Dominoes, Slips and Ladders, the Peppa Pig Colour Stack Game, and Quick Chess. These games are slight variations of the original but with the same timeless concepts and methods for gameplay.

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While Wild Science offers a gross-out, laugh-out-loud version of the Slime Lab for science-minded youngsters, we also have a neat-o 4D Great White Shark Model that shows kids the ins-and-outs of shark anatomies, from deep interior bones, to muscles, organs, and tissues, and the put-together exterior that makes Great Whites both terrifying and fascinating.

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Inspire their thoughts with the Ideas Journal Notebook and improve their minds with fun board games for Christmas gifts this year. We know the kids will love it.