I-Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book

Hardcover Book, by I-Scream-Nails

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Gone are the days of boring, monotone fingernail colours and wasting money at the nail salon. With I-Scream-Nails DIY Nail Art your fingers and toes will look more amazing than ever before! With easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction, you’ll soon know how to create bunnies, dinosaurs, cupcakes, and other adorable designs right on your fingernails.

I-Scream-Nails DIY Nail Art is a great present for teenage girls, especially those who love fun, fashion, and do-it-yourself beauty tips. So give this fun DIY book as a Christmas present, birthday gift, or back-to-school gift to your daughter or niece. She’ll soon have a smile on her face and bunnies on your fingers!

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I-Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book

With almost everything getting personalised nowadays, it’s no surprise that a lot of DIY tutorials are popping out in the form of videos, step-by-step picture tutorials, and even books. DIYs are great, especially for the young ones because they encourage individuality, creativity, and even sustainability. If they can DIY things for themselves, then they can save up those extra pennies while still getting to enjoy the things they want to. DIYs are also a great hobby for kids who are interested with art since with DIYs, they can be as particular as they can as the stuff they make are personal. If you are looking for Christmas presents for kids, especially for the artsy types of kids, then the I-Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book is perfect.

Teach the young ones to exercise their creativity by practicing their art skill on themselves. With the I-Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book, your kid will surely brighten up her fingernails, and even her friends’ and family’s fingernails too!

What is Nail Art all about?

Nail art has become widely popular these past years because it encourages creative designs on small canvasses, the fingernails and toenails. Nail art first appeared in Babylonia and has been widely used by Egyptian women from 5000 BC to 3000 BC. In modern years, nail art has been widely popular from the streets to high fashion. In 2014, a Museum of Nail Art was even founded! Nail art is loved by many not just because of the creative designs, but because nail art also conveys one’s individuality.

Because of the popularity of nail arts, many innovations have emerged from this art. Some of these include: variation in texture such as the use of microbeads or caviar beads, the use of holographic effects, the use of velvet manicure, the application of the crackle effect, the temperature sensitive thermo chronic polish, the matte effect, the inverse French, and the use of nail stickers.

What is inside the I-Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book?

The I-Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book is a creative book that teaches young kids how to DIY their nail art. A lot of nail art today has been quite complex and intimidating, but with the I-Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book, your child will soon start making fun and bright nail art designs for everyone. In case you’re not aware, I-Scream Nails are a line of nail salons located in both Sydney and Melbourne. They are known to specialise in freehand nail art designs. You never have to settle with boring, single coloured fingernails again. You never have to worry about spending big money at the nail salon. And you never have to worry about where your kids will practice their creativity. The experiences this book has to offer can be one of the best Christmas presents for kids.

If you want to find Christmas presents for kids, then this book is the perfect present for kids who are complete beginners when it comes to nail art. This DIY Nail Art book features 64 pages of adorable designs in bright colours. The books starts by teaching you about nail art tools, preparing your workspace, painting your nails, and creating your “creative space”. The creative spaces are the free spaces in the book where you get to draw your own designs.

The I-Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book also comes with 15 easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions of creating creative nail art designs. The best part is that there are pictures provided for each step so even if you don’t understand the description, you can simply follow the pictures. A real life picture and a difficulty level is also included per design. The nail art tutorial includes how to create cupcakes, rainbows, bunnies, dinosaurs, and many other adorable designs.

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