Fabric Doodlers

Perfect For Any Fabric Surface & Paper Too

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Take craftiness to a new level with these Fabric Doodlers! With these special markers you can personalise a tote, jacket, t-shirts or sneakers. This set comes with 12 easy grip markers in a variety of colors including blue, yellow, green and red. Equipped with a 4.8mm, pointy tip, you can draw lots of detail and intricate design with these quality fabric markers.

Fabric Doodlers are permanent markers and will not fade or come off in the wash. It makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for the artistic teen. Buy it today and get free gift wrapping with your purchase.

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Creative Christmas Present Ideas for Boys and Girls

At Everything but Flowers, you can always find something original for the holiday season. Today, we are providing you with some amazing Christmas present ideas for creative boys and girls, which are going to keep them entertained while the adults celebrate Christmas around the dinner table. Curious what our best Christmas present ideas for boys and girls are? Check out our top suggestions below!

What Is the First Christmas Present Idea for a Creative Child?

Our first suggestion in this overview of Christmas present ideas is a suitable choice for both girls and boys, more specifically a set of our Fabric Doodlers. A set of Fabric Doodlers from our good Christmas presents for kids catalogue provides your recipient with lots of fabric markers, encouraging lots of colouring and drawing during the festivities.

When you decided to obtain a set of Fabric Doodler mentioned in this overview of Christmas present ideas, do not forget to look at some of the matching good Christmas presents for kids in our catalogue. You can easily combine the Fabric Doodlers with a colouring book or another creative gift, some of which will be mentioned below.

What Is the Second Christmas Present Idea for a Creative Child?

Creativity is not all about drawing and colouring; this much is proven with our next suggestion from our good Christmas presents for kids collection, our Mega Marble Run!

The Mega Marble Run is an excellent option from our Christmas presents for boys range. It is a buildable marble track with a whopping 197 interchangeable pieces. With so much to build, it can even be played with by a group of kids.

Since the Mega Marble Run is a fun activity to enjoy during the holiday season, we certainly recommend obtaining one from our good Christmas presents for kids catalogue. Not only does it stimulate their creativity, they also practice their fine motor skills and logical thinking at the same time. A Christmas present does not get much better than that!

What Is the Third Christmas Present Idea for a Creative Child?

Our range of good Christmas presents for kids does not solely include Christmas presents for boys, we have a stunning range of Christmas presents for girls too. One of these Christmas presents for girls, our Magic Nail Factory, is perfect for girls who are creative and smart.

The Magic Nail Factory from our Christmas presents for girls catalogue is made by the people at Wild Science. The company is known for its educational yet fun games; and this is no different for their Magic Nail Factory.

With the Magic Nail Factory from our Christmas presents for girls collection, girls can learn everything there is to know about nail health, nail salon procedures, and even how to create special effects on the nails. It is a gift set that will keep girls entertained for hours, making it the perfect Christmas gift from our Christmas presents for girls catalogue.

What Is the Fourth Christmas Present Idea for a Creative Child?

Our next suggestion is another great option from the Christmas presents for boys range at Everything but Flowers, more specifically the Sci-Play Make Your Own Bounce Ball Set. As the name of this set already indicates, boys can make their own bouncing balls with this educational set.

The Sci-Play Set from our Christmas presents for boys collection contains countless crystals, which are used to create the bouncing balls. The crystals come in various effects too; this includes neon, glow-in-the-dark, and metallic. With the crystals included in this set from our Christmas presents for boys collection, kids can create a minimum of 16 differently shaped balls. In short, another set that will keep the children amused while the adults are enjoying the festivities.

What Is the Fifth Christmas Present Idea for a Creative Child?

Our last creative idea for the holiday season is a lovely set of books. For the youngest children, it is not always easy to find something creative that is age-appropriate. Fortunately, a good set of books – from which the parents can read at bedtime – is a perfect way to fuel the imagination and creativity of young children.

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find a lovely selection of books for younger children, including toddlers! One of our favourite sets is the Guess How Much I Love You Little Library, containing four classic Guess How Much I Love You Stories. In conclusion, a wonderful option for children who are too young for colouring or drawing.

Where Can I Find More Creative Christmas Presents for Kids?

Everything but Flowers has a large collection of creative presents for kids, so be sure to check the entire “kids” catalogue before you decide. We have many additional play sets, books, and even unique colouring pencils and pens to share with you this Christmas!