Faber-Castell Art Grip Aquarella Pencils 24 Pack

Set of 24 watercolour aquarella pencils by Faber-Castell

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Elevate your art to the next level with these vibrant, easy-to-use water colour pencils from Faber-Castell. With premium features, these pencils are just what you need to master your skill and your next art project. These pencils work above and beyond your normal pencil and can transform your drawing's into pieces of art through simply applying a coat of water to watch as the pigments completely dissolve into water colour pigments. Use your pencils as regular pencils or as water colour pencils, the choice is yours!

Faber-Castell began by giving these pencils an easy-to-hold, triangular, ergonomic design, giving you more control over every stroke. Your pencil will no longer be slipping out of your hand at the most inopportune time. With its high break-resistant, 3.3 mm lead ,so you can feel more comfortable drawing fine lines or thick lines and creating beautiful blends.

We recommend giving these sturdy, vibrant Faber-Castell Water Colour Pencils 24 Pack to children, amateur artists, and anyone who loves a bit of colouring from time to time. Use our premium gift-wrapping service to give this as a thoughtful Christmas or birthday present for the artists in your life.

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How to Choose the Perfect Kids Christmas Presents This Year

We at Everything but Flowers are under the impression that the best kids Christmas gifts are ones that come from the heart, regardless of who those gifts are coming from. This does not mean all presents have to be sentimental, but all presents should be memorable enough to bring an instant smile to the face of your little recipient. When choosing the perfect kids Christmas presents, think in terms of hobbies, interests, and personality types. Gifts like Faber-Castell Water Colour Pencils 24 Pack are perfect for creative types.

Our wide range of best-selling knickknacks, toys, and books for children are designed to delight. We offer a plethora of great Christmas gifts for kids, especially when it comes to choosing something for a specific hobby, interest, personality type, or topic. Some of our best-sellers are educational, some are sentimental and decor-oriented, and others are simply fun to play with and have but all are guaranteed to make your kiddo grin from ear to ear when Christmas morning rolls around.

Kids Christmas Gifts for Youngsters Who Love Science

The best part about picking the perfect kids Christmas presents is knowing what your young recipient likes and is interested in. For example, science-minded youngsters make it easier to choose great Christmas gifts for them because they have a focus on all things scientifically awesome. They generally love to learn, and we have a huge selection of science-minded toys and books for kids with this hobby.

For example, the Slime Lab by Wild Science caters to a kiddos innate fascination with everything gross about science. With coloured gels and a booklet of instructions, youngsters can grow their own weird exploding leeches, stir up tadpole soup, create fake blood clots, and make stringy snot balls to hurl at their siblings and friends. Or, if your science-minded gift-recipient leans more toward biology and animals, snag the 4D Great White Shark Modela piece-together 4D puzzle that showcases the anatomy of a Great White Shark.

Sentimental and Memorable Kids Christmas Presents

Kiddos can get fun toys and books any time of the year, but sentimental and memorable kids Christmas presents are usually reserved for the holidays. Older youngsters will definitely appreciate the love and thought that goes into a sentimental and memorable gift.

For instance, our Name a Star Gift Package allows kids to name their own fiery ball anywhere in the galaxy. When stars are registered with names, kids are given the coordinates to locate their stars in the night sky. The name and location are then catalogued officially, forever, in the Star Registry at the British Library. Amazing!

The Best Books that Make Great Kids Christmas Presents for Young Readers

Some of the best kids Christmas gifts are those that are entertaining and fun, as well as educational for eager little learners. This is where books are probably your best bet as the greatest holiday gifts. Our Tickle Monster Laughter Box Set teaches kids how to let go of everyday stresses and just have fun giggling. While the Care for Our World Kit includes a beautifully written and illustrated book that weaves a story of why it is important to love our planet and respect our animals and Earth.

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