Natural Science Puzzle, 100pc

Eco-Friendly 100 Piece Puzzle for Ages 5+

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Not only are eeBoo experts at creating wonderful eco-friendly childrens toys, but they are also experts in making sure those toys are bright, fun and made to last.

This delightful 100 piece Natural Science puzzle features beautiful illustration from renowned childrens book artist Melissa Sweet. The 90% recycled material and soy based ink printing mean this puzzle is safe for kids aged 5+ and wonderful for the environment too.

Measuring 47cm x 69cm a wonderful size that is challenging enough for children without being overwhelming, and its not just for the kids; even adults will delight in this artistic puzzle.

Piece by piece, children will discover animals from around the world; kangaroos, koalas, clown fish, and even a rainbow.

Delivery: Flat Rate of $10.95 Australia-wide. Order over $99.00 for FREE delivery.

The Best Kids Christmas Presents

Jigsaw puzzles have been around for 250 years. Though originally made from wood, sturdy cardboard puzzles began being produced in the 1800s. This brain-exercising invention was originally used to teach geography to children. It wasn't until the Great Depression that jigsaw puzzles became widely appreciated. During this time of economic hardship, puzzles became popular as entertainment due to their low cost and ability to be enjoyed more than once.

It was during this time that puzzles became more intricate in order to appeal to the whole family instead of to just the children. Today, jigsaw puzzles are still a popular form of entertainment, especially among families. Which is why puzzles still make great family and kids' Christmas presents. But puzzles also offer a slew of health benefits.

Christmas gifts that give your brain a bit of exercise?

Many social scientists hypothesise that jigsaw puzzles increase the connections between the left side and the ride side of your brain. As you work on a puzzle, the left side of your brain sorts and analyses the pieces, while the right side of the brain pieces together the picture. This increased interconnectivity could by why some studies have shown that jigsaw puzzles can help prevent and limit the effects of Alzheimer's Disease.

By building connections within the brain, either as a child or as an adult, youre strengthening your brain and its ability to cope with aging. So if youre looking for adult or kids' Christmas presents, a good jigsaw puzzle is sure to offer entertainment and boost brain health!

Ready to eliminate stress while improving cognitive function?

Like many crafts and engaging activities, jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful way to find a few calm moments during the day. By occupying both sides of your brain, youre taking away your brains ability to focus on stressful or worrying thoughts. In fact, the act of putting together a jigsaw puzzle has often been described as meditative. Whether your child is anxious, hyperactive, or just needs a creative outlet, puzzles make fantastic kids' Christmas presents.

In addition to being a great stress-buster, jigsaw puzzles do wonders for improving various cognitive functions. Spatial awareness, visualisation, focus, and creativity can all be improved by working on jigsaw puzzles. For this reason, puzzles are perfect kids' Christmas presents, helping to improve your childs brain function and motor skills.

What else can jigsaw puzzles do?

There are many benefits to sitting down and working on a jigsaw puzzle. For example, puzzles are a fantastic way to teach and encourage teamwork. Having your child work together toward a common goal with the family, their siblings, or friends will help their social skills develop and grow.

So what are you waiting for? Jigsaw puzzles are great kids' Christmas presents! They also make a great family activity on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning.