Dirty Dogs Bath Toys

Include 3 pups that need a good scrub!

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Scrub a dub, scrub a dub, and get those dogs clean in the tub. Kids will be delighted as the dirt on their new dog friends magically disappears during bath time, and re-appears once they leave them to drain.

Oh what fun! Recommended for children aged 2+ years, this 5 piece set includes dogs to clean and a mini wash cloth.

ALEX are known for their creative kids toys and this set is just another example of fun gifts for kids. One of our hottest selling Christmas gifts for toddlers, its also a birthday favourite too.

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The cutest Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Toddlers are explorers. They'll move at random and grab everything within their reach. They want to know what does this feel like? What does this taste like? What happens if I smash this on the floor and throw it at the wall? They have to be watched for their own protection and the safety of their parents' possessions! It's so hard to keep them clean, but they'll love bath time with the clever Dirty Dishes Kid's Bath toys that they can wash clean each bath time before they magically appear dirty again.

Since toddlers don't see the difference between a priceless vase and a bag or rubbish (there's so much to find in there!), often you're really buying for the parents. Get them wonderful Christmas gifts for toddlers that make them say 'aaahhh', and give yourself a round of applause!

A beautiful way to measure the toddler's growth

The Charley Harper Birds Growth Chart is cute and stylish to chart the little one's growth. Special milestones can be marked by one of the 50 stickers featuring stunning artworks by Charley Harper, including birds, beetles, flowers and leaves.

Cuddly and lovable soft toy Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Toddlers get extremely attached to their cuddly toys. They'll carry them around all day and sleep with them at night. The Eeyore Beanie Plush is an adorable cuddly toy a toddler will adore. Eeyore the donkey is one of Winnie-The-Pooh's best friends, with a crinkle in his ears and a jingle in his tummy.

We have a cuddly classic 'Playschool' character you may remember Little Ted. Wearing his signature yellow t-shirt, The Little Ted Beanie Plush has jointed arms and legs, so he's ready for any adventure the toddler wants to take him on.

Little girls will adore Rag Doll Rosie with her black hair in bunches, and her pretty pink outfit. She's a hand-crafted rag doll made from lovely soft cottons. She comes in a stylish gift box with the happiest face! A definite toddler's Christmas gift winner!

Fun Bath Time Christmas Presents for Toddlers

Bath time can be lots of fun with bubbles and splashes. It is a ritual that toddlers love (usually!). We've toys to make it even better, such as the Kids Bath Toys Dirty Dishes. They'll be scrubbing their 'dirty dishes', which they then stack in the suction cup draining rack attached to the bath, while being washed themselves.

Kids love to play with water, and this bath time toy is brilliant to keep them occupied while they're being scrubbed clean after all that exploring. The Bugs In The Tub Toy Set has three squirty bugs and a bug net. The toddler can catch the bugs, fill them with water and then squirt them watch out parents!

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