Dinoblock Board Book

Board Book, by Christopher Franceschelli

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Introduce your child to 24 different types of dinosaurs with Dinoblock, in which each dinosaur’s unique silhouette is shown through special die-cuts. The die-cuts are accompanied by comparisons that make it easy for a child to learn about each individual dinosaur. For example, the Brachiosaurus says, “I stretch high like a ladder on a fire truck.”

The name of the dinosaurs are given and a pronunciation guide is offered, so even the littlest of children can start learning and beginning their career in paleontology!

Dinoblock is a fun and educational Christmas, birthday, or anytime gift for children aged 1-4. It’s written by Christopher Franceschelli and illustrated by Peskimo. With its beautiful illustrations and informational, but fun style, this book makes the perfect building blocks for a healthy amount of curiosity and interest in the world.

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Dinoblock Board Book

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. Family and friends gather together to enjoy the Yuletide season. With most offices closed for the holidays, this occasion is a special day as almost everyone who is important to you is around. With the school out as well, younger members of the family are also around.

Some may say that Christmas is for kids because they could be the one who love the celebration the most. It is always a nice sight to see children singing Christmas carols, playing with the other children and opening Christmas presents. But have you already got a list of the perfect Christmas presents for kids to buy?

If you have got kids in your family and you are having a hard time shopping for their presents, get rid of that worry because Everything But Flowers has got the perfect Christmas presents for kids. If you want to give a present to a kid who is just starting to learn new words, you should check out our Dinoblock Board Book.

Why Educational Materials are Great Christmas Presents for Kids

As a kid, strong mind development is important in building a solid foundation in the kid’s learning ability. Word acquisition is also important especially to vocabulary building because this is the way that they will be able to communicate with their surroundings. Since young kids are not yet ready for heavier learning in a physical school, why not make your homes a place where they can also learn?

During this season of gift giving, it is almost natural for us to give kids toys. Of course, kids love playing with toys and it is sometimes their way to interact with other kids. It can also become a way to bond with their other siblings and their parents. Playing with toys sure is fun, but why not mix fun with educational? Here at Everything But Flowers, we know how to mix fun and learning with our wide-range of selection of items from which your kids can learn from.

Take as a perfect example the Dinoblock Board Book. Perfect for kids who are starting to build their vocabulary, this book definitely goes into the list of Fun and Educational Christmas Presents for Kids. The book is presented with a light pink book cover which features two dinosaurs, a little one and a bigger one. On the background of what seem to be mummy and baby dinosaurs are other kinds of dinosaurs, and animals which we can find in the community, making the book relatable for the kid.

For Your Future Scientist

If you have dreams of having a palaeontologist kid like Dr Ross Geller of FRIENDS, then this is definitely the book which you should add to your shopping cart! Start early with opening your child’s mind into our history, buy our Dinoblock Board Book, and tell your kid stories about these lovely creatures which lived on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago.

This book is one of the ideal Christmas presents for kids ages 1 to 4. Cleverly written by Christopher Franceschelli, this book will surely develop your young one’s knowledge about the giant creatures of the earliest ages of our time. Each of the pages of the book contains beautifully coloured illustrations by Peskimo which are sure to entice the eyes of young kids.

An Additional Book for Bedtime Reading

Reading to your kids before they go to bed has got a lot of benefits. This activity will boost the kids’ mind development. For this activity, why not include some new creatures into their vocabulary? Introduce them to 24 different types of dinosaurs. This is definitely something new for them to learn. In each of the pages, the cute dinosaurs are presented in unique silhouettes shown in distinct die-cuts. What’s more is that each of these creatures is also compared to objects in the community, making it easier for your kid to imagine it. Mispronunciation is not a problem at all for with each name of the dinosaurs, there is a pronunciation guide offered. With this, kids and adults will never have a hard time calling the creatures by their name.

So what are you waiting for? If you are already stressed out with the holidays because you are not yet done or have not even started doing your Christmas shopping, worry no more! Avoid that stress and the hassle of driving to the nearby shopping centre or toyshop. We got you covered only here at Everything But Flowers, where Christmas Presents for Kids are just one click away in your computers at home!