Bugs in the Tub Toy Set

Colourful Fun From Alex Toys

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Colourful fun in the tub is here thanks to these gorgeous squirty bugs and floral bug net. With two colourful butterflies and a cute snail, toddlers will love bath time as they release the bugs into the bath, and catch them again with the easy to grip bug net.

The ALEX Rub-a-Dub range is Phthalate free for added child safety, and this set also encourages motor skills in young children as they try to catch the floating bugs into the net and squeeze them to squirt water.

When it comes to Christmas presents for toddlers, it can be difficult to find great gifts that parents will love too, and we know theyll appreciate any help they can to get toddlers in the bath and clean after a long day of busy play. This set is recommended for children aged 2+.

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The Most fun Christmas Presents for Toddlers

Are we ever more curious about the world than when we're toddlers? Have you noticed how nothing is safe? They reach out for anything and everything to see what it's like to bash it, hug it, bite it, drink it and throw it! Bath time is one of the messiest times with water splashes to delight toddlers but perhaps not mum and dad so much. Why not keep them occupied in the bath with a Christmas gift like our Bugs in the Tub Bath Toys; a fun way to keep them focused on bath time without getting too much water all over the floor.

Their endless exploration is instinct in operation, trying to figure out this new environment they're discovering. So, what are the best Christmas presents for toddlers? Let us give you a few ideas.

Make Bathing fun for Toddlers and Easier for Parents!

Bath time is a ritual that some toddlers love, and some don't take to so well! Make it hugely enjoyable for them with the super Kids Bath Toys Dirty Dishes. They'll be scrubbing their 'dirty dishes', which they then stack in the suction cup draining rack, while being washed themselves.

Give them even greater fun with this Christmas present for toddlers that will be giggles galore. The Jungle Bath Squirter Toys are four colourful jungle animals that are the right size for small hands. Toddlers will learn how to fill them with water, then squeeze them to squirt water. It might be difficult getting them out of the bath, they're so much fun!

Puzzles that Toddlers will Love for Christmas

They're building their reasoning muscles and will play with the same toys for hours, days or even weeks. Something unbreakable that's a fun puzzle is perfect. The Sustainable Wood Stacker Toy is a made from beech wood coloured with eco-friendly paint. It's safe and easy to handle too, so a perfect Christmas gift for toddlers.

Toddlers love toys that involve shapes, and putting them in the correct slots. The Rolling Shape Sorter has bright colours and fun sounds in the shape of a round cage. When they've fitted the six shapes into the corresponding holes, the lid of the cage is easy for them to remove, pull out the shapes, and start again.

Christmas Presents for Fun at the beach

The charming Crab Beach Kit is that everlasting perennial, the bucket and spade (plus a rake). This essential Christmas present for toddlers never goes out of fashion. It's made by Coq en Pate, a company that has ethics at its heart. This kit, with a delightful crab design on the bucket, is part of their 'Save Our Species' range.

Don't Forget the Cuddly Toy Christmas Gifts!

Toddlers love soft and cuddly animals there's always one in particular they grow attached to. Do you remember yours? We've a fine range, including Beanie Plush Tigger, Peter Rabbit Large Plush, the Jemima Puddle Duck Rattle for younger toddlers, and Snuffy Take Along Buddy all totally gorgeous Christmas presents for toddlers.

Christmas gift shopping can be stressful, but thats why were here! At Everything but Flowers, we love making your life easy and helping you find the best gifts for everyone in your life. Thats what makes us Australias best online gifts store.