ALEX Bracelet Kit - Friends 4 Ever

Let them make beautiful friendship bracelets!

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This Friends Forever Bracelet Kit from ALEX will have the kids entertained for hours, as they craft gorgeous handmade bracelet gifts for their friends and family.

What a way to encouraging creativity and sharing with this complete kit full of all the supplies!

Recommended for children aged 8 years and over (younger children would need an extra helping hand), inside they'll find two soft foam looms, enough gorgeous coloured string to create heaps of bracelets; as well as beads, a needle and complete easy to use instructions to get them creating in no time.

If you're looking for kids Christmas gift ideas to inspire them, then this award winning toy comes in its own handy case to keep everything organised, and will encourage them to create and share with friends and family. Perfect as a birthday gift too.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids that Love Craft Time

We've all known the kids that sit at the craft table long after they've been asked to clean up. They're always colouring, constructing, or creating. Maybe this kid was you. Giving gifts to creative, crafty children is difficult. How do you find an activity that is both challenging and engaging? How do you find something new and interesting?

Well if youve run out of ideas and cant think of a new craft to introduce to your child, Everything But Flowers is here to help you find some great kids' Christmas gift ideas. For girls; we always recommend Christmas gift ideas like this Friends Forever Bracelet Kit from ALEX. It's the perfect blend of fun and creativity that tween girls will especially love.

Creative Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids that Are Inquisitive.

Some craft-loving kids are interested in how things work. They want to know why when you mix red and blue you get purple. They want to know how a watch works or how a fish is able to swim. For these children, you should consider educational, but crafty kids' Christmas gift ideas. 3D puzzles and models, for example, offer hours of crafty fun, while teaching about the subject of the activity. Hands on gifts like the delightful Friends Forever Bracelet Kit from ALEX  are always great gifts for kids that like to know how things work. They can figure out how to create their own Christmas gifts for friends and every one will be unique.

Kids Christmas gift ideas for craft-lovers can be anything related to their favourite craft. If they love painting, a book on colour theory would be a thoughtful (and helpful) Christmas gift. Dig deeper to find a present that relates to your kids favourite craft.

Whats better than a good challenge?

Kids who enjoy crafts often love the challenge of learning and trying new things. Overcoming the challenge of creating something new is handsomely rewarded with a sense of accomplishment. A sense of accomplishment is a great way to boost self-esteem, in both children and adults. Crafty kids' Christmas gift ideas should offer the gift recipient a challenge or obstacle to overcome.

Some great kids' Christmas gift ideas include presents with graduated difficulty levels. For example, for the child that loves to colour, choose 3 or 4 colouring books, each more difficult than the last, and create your own set. Boredom wont be a problem for your craft-loving kid!

Has your craft-loving kid grown out of everything?

There comes a time when children who love crafts want to begin creating. Often these are older children who have done every craft under the sun. When youre looking for kids' Christmas gift ideas, consider which crafts your child liked the most. Did they like to colour? Or maybe they preferred creating jewelry. Whatever their preference, if they had one, use your Christmas gifts to encourage them to begin creating their own items and art.

Raw materials are a great place to start when looking for kids' Christmas gift ideas. Art supplies, yarn, beads, and other materials should give your child enough to do. If you want to provide a little more than raw materials, books and instruction guides can add an extra something.

So, if you love gifting creative kids as much as we do; we're sure the Friends Forever Bracelet Kit from ALEX  is going to keep them busy for hours. At Everything but Flowers; we're Australia's best online gifts store for kids and the entire family.