Slips & Ladders the Board Game

Slippery Dips Are Fun & So Is This Game!

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Can the Tortoise beat the Hare? It all depends on the luck of the game with this super-fun twist on old-time snakes and ladders. Thanks to eeBoo kids will have hours of fun climbing ladders and if theyre unlucky sliding down slippery dips. Its first to the finish square is the winner, it could be the tortoise, it could be the hare!

Not only is this game fun for kids, its also great for the environment. Printed with soy based inks and containing 75% recycled materials its a Christmas present for kids that looks after the earth too; it doesn't get much better than that.

The beautifully designed box measures 24 x 24cm and the game board opens to 45.5 x 45.5cm, a cute cotton bag is provided to store the game pieces too. Perfect for children aged 5+ and suitable for 2-4 players, the kids will love you for this present whether its for Christmas, birthdays or just to say I love you.

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The History of Board Games & Why They Make Amazing Christmas Presents

Evidence of board games go back thousands of years. Even older is evidence of dice, made from bones and trees. Do you wonder why dice have dots instead of numbers? Traditionally, before the written word and numbers were invented, the dots were used for counting. It's amazing that some ancient traditions keep going! Just as Snakes and Ladders would have been a timeless board game for your childhood, so can this beautiful Slips and Ladders board game from Eeboo take kids by storm this Christmas.

Examples of Early Board Games

Board games weren't just created to make great Christmas gifts ideas; the first board games we have evidence of date from around 3,000 BC. One is known as The Royal Game of Ur, which was found in modern day Iraq. The game had 20 squares and pyramid-shaped dice. It's not known exactly what the rules were, but it resembles modern day backgammon.

Another board game from the same era was found in Egypt. Known as Senet, it was played by two people on a board with thirty squares. Some of the squares had symbols on them that represented either good or bad fortune. There was even a game of Senet found in Tutankhamen's Tomb!

The origins of Snakes and Ladders

This game was invented in ancient India, where it was known as Mokshapat. The ladders represented virtues, while the snakes represented vices. The morality lesson of the game was that a person can attain salvation (Moksha) through doing good, whereas by doing evil it's all downhill! Theres no evil here though; the stunning eco-friendly Slips and Ladders board game has been beautifully designed by Eeboo and we just know that kids are going to love it as a Christmas gift this year.

Who Made the Most Popular Modern Board Game Chess?

People in India seem to have played a lot of board games. One of them was chess. Different figures were used one type had figures representing divisions of the military infantry, cavalry, chariots and elephants. All these board games made their way to Europe where they were adapted. In Europe chess figures transformed into knights, bishops, pawns, etc.

Board games are excellent for developing strategy and keeping the brain active so excellent for people of all ages. If you'd like to buy board games as Christmas gifts, how about the Quick Chess Board Game? No need for newbies to take forever learning the rules, in our game they can learn to play chess in just 10 minutes!

A charming board game for kids Slips & Ladders The Board Game is a fun twist on the original snakes & ladders. There are no snakes for starters! Instead they slide down slips, and keep the tradition of climbing up the ladders. It's beautifully designed and made from 75% recycled materials. This is good for younger kids from 5 upwards.

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