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Christmas really is all about the kids, and to celebrate just how much joy the children in our life bring to Christmas, we hunted high and low to make sure we could stock the best Christmas presents for kids this year! 

Christmas Gifts for Kids

We've got tough Christmas gifts for boys, and pretty Christmas presents for girls, and we haven't forgotten the Christmas gift ideas for teens and tweens either; we've tried our best to cover every style and taste with a huge range of affordable gift options for every budget.

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it’s the time of the year for making your list for kids who have been naughty and nice! Now, what Christmas present should you get the little ones? We bet you need help in finding and deciding which gift to give them. But that’s not a problem anymore because here at Everything But Flowers, we offer you many gifts to choose from. With our wide collection of items, we are sure to have everything that you are looking for. Continue reading and take a look at some of our best gifts that kids of all ages will certainly love to have.

What Christmas Presents are Available for Your Nieces and Nephews?

What do all kids love to do during holidays? You got it – they want to have fun! Fun for kids means playing games and other forms of recreational activities. If this is your initial plan, then we suggest that you browse through our list of lovable, quality toys.

You want something that is both unique and sturdy? Take a look at our wooden toys items such as the Cubebot Robot Toy from Areaware or the Excavator and Cement Wooden Toys from Tiger Tribe. Particularly suitable for young boys, witness how these gifts help them develop some of their fine motor skills as they manipulate these adorable Christmas presents.

For kids who are already active in sports, help channel their seemingly limitless energy and engage them in some physical recreational activities. We suggest that you try getting them a set of Table Tennis kit from Kaleidoscope. With this table tennis set, you can have them and their playmates come over to play singles or in pairs and just have fun this holiday season.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of involving more kids to play, then this one is for you – the Jungle Bowling Set by TOLO. There’s nothing more fun than seeing a bunch of kids form teams of their own and enjoy some friendly competition as they hit some jungle animal-designed pins that kids would love to name and identify while playing.

Make Them Learn While Playing Some of our Christmas Presents

For most kids, holidays are a nice little time off from school. But to some, this could also mean missing the fun learning experiences they have so gotten used to. If you are looking for gifts to these young wizards, try exploring some of our items where they can continue learning while also enjoying the holidays. Check out some of our fun puzzle sets like the Natural Science puzzle, the Arctic Wildlife puzzle, or the African Wildlife puzzle – all of which are from eeBoo. These are puzzles composed of pieces ranging from 100-208, a definitely challenging yet ultimately fun way to practice the child’s critical thinking. See the look of pride and delight from the kids’ faces as they figure out the right patterns and combinations of these games.

What Christmas Gift Lets Them Widen Their Imagination?

Enough of the greens and the reds. You’ll be surprised at how colourful children’s imagination can be. And what better way and time to encourage these young Picassos and Van Gogh’s to be creative than by giving them stuff – for art’s sake – this Christmas! Start off with these nice Watercolour Gel Crayons especially made by Sparkle. Watch as they enjoy forming images from each smooth glide of these gel-made crayons and expect a more colourful than usual holiday with this nice little Christmas present. Complete the experience and match it with the Rabbits and Bears colouring book from Pomegranat. With these two, you got yourself a magical pair that would slowly unravel the beauty of our world through their own eyes.

Still undecided on what to get? Check out our huge collections and we can guarantee you that here at Everything But Flowers, we have the perfect Christmas gifts for kids of all ages and if you're really stuck simply get in touch with our customer service team who will help you find something perfect. Enjoy shopping today!