Christmas really is all about the kids, and to celebrate just how much joy the children in our life bring to Christmas, we hunted high and low to make sure we could stock the best Christmas presents for kids this year! 

Get Some Inspiration for Christmas 2018 with Our Best Christmas Present Ideas for Kids

Christmas is all about the kids. The excitement of the presents underneath the Christmas tree, having fun with family; in short, good memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course, providing a good Christmas for the little ones often involves some stress for mum and dad, since they have to get some good Christmas presents for kids to impress their little ones. Fortunately, they can count on Everything but Flowers and an extensive overview of Christmas present ideas this festive season. Simply check out our most popular Christmas present ideas below.

What Are the Best Christmas Present Ideas for Toddlers?

Customers can find it a little difficult to come up with the best Christmas present ideas for toddlers, since there are safety issues to take into consideration when it comes to toys and games. Fortunately, Everything but Flowers has a stunning collection of Christmas present ideas suitable for newborns and toddlers.

One of our good Christmas presents for kids under the age of five is Night Sounds, a board book that is perfect for bed time. Not only does this board book include a lovely story, which the parents can read at bedtime, it also includes a button the child can press to hear the different sound made by the animals featured in the story. This truly brings the story to life.

In our range of good Christmas presents for kids, we also have toys that are suitable for younger infants. In addition to a nice selection of books, our good Christmas presents for kids collection also includes some nursery decorations, bath toys, and more.

What Are the Most Popular Christmas Presents for Kids This Year?

Since we offer many good Christmas presents for kids, it is no surprise that our top choices tend to vary from month to month. That being said, our range of good Christmas presents for kids does have a solid favourite for the holiday season, The Fairy Game.

The Fairy Game is a cooperation game from our good Christmas presents for kids collection. To win the game, players must work together and save the fairy garden. It is fun, interactive, and teaches children the value of cooperation!

What Are Good Christmas Presents for Girls This Year?

When you look at our range of Christmas presents for girls, you will notice a world of options. We have cooperation games and gift sets specifically made for girls, but also a bunch of individual toys and creative presents that are bound to be appreciated.

One of our favourite Christmas presents for girls is Rescue Kitty Cat DIY Sewing Kit. This kit from our Christmas presents for girls collection is suitable for girls aged 8 and over and guarantees many hours of entertainment.

Rescue Kitty Cat DIY Sewing Kit from the Christmas presents for girls collection enables girls to create their own cat. The kit solely includes child-safe materials and teaches them a fun craft at the same time. Of course, the little girl also gets a cat to play with at the end of it.

Customers could also choose a cooperation game this holiday season, more specifically Mermaid Island. During this game, players must get the mermaids back to Mermaid Island as quickly as possible. However, players must work together to ensure the mermaids’ safe return.

For girls who are starting primary school, you could consider one of our presents that can make their school life a little more fashionable. We have various options at Everything but Flowers, including the Hello Strawberry Purse!

As the name suggests, the Hello Strawberry Purse is a child’s purse that has the shape of a strawberry. It is one of our most affordable presents and functional to boot, as your little girl can use this purse to store coins or other small things she might need for school.

At Everything but Flowers, customers can find more fruit-themed purses and even bags. If you want to provide a little girl with a full set of fruit-themed accessories, we urge you to check out some of the other fruity accessories in our collection.

Every young girl needs her own diary too, so Everything but Flowers also provides customers with a selection of diaries. One of our favourites is the Lock & Key Glow in the Dark Diary.

The Lock & Key Glow in the Dark Dairy is specifically designed for little girls. It has a fun purple design and comes with its own little lock, enabling girls to keep their secrets hidden. Of course, this delightful diary does have one extra feature most diaries don’t, since this one glows in the dark!

Looking for something interactive the entire family can enjoy? Step away from the traditional board game this holiday season and choose one of our family experiences instead!

One of our family experiences is the Byron Family Surf Lesson, suitable for both girls and boys. During this interactive surf lesson, the entire family can learn the basics of surfing, and enjoy everything the Australian beachside has to offer of course!

Is your daughter a big animal lover? If so, you could choose a genuine safari from our Christmas presents for children range. One of our favourites is the Slumber Safari + Family Off-Road Safari, delivering loads of family time and animal spotting.

During the Slumber Safari + Family Off-Road Safari, your child can view the most majestic African animals. It is an adventures package that guarantees two days in the zoo, African dinner, a breakfast buffet, family-friendly safari, and glamping accommodation. What more could your little one need?

What Are Good Christmas Presents for Boys This Year?

Everything but Flowers also provides some amazing Christmas presents for boys this year. We have everything from experiences to interactive play kits in our Christmas presents for boys collection, so there are certainly loads of things parents can consider this festive season.

One of the top favourites in our Christmas presents for boys collection is the Crazy Chemistry MEGA Kit. The Crazy Chemistry MEGA Kit from the Christmas presents for boys collection is designed for children aged 10 and up. It is designed to teach them the basics of science, albeit in a fun and interactive manner. Getting children excited about school and learning can be challenging, but when you have an interactive kit from our Christmas presents for boys collection, it certainly becomes a little easier.

Are you looking for an adventurous yet educational experience for children between five and fifteen? If so, you can ensure maximum adventure with the Great Whites Tour for Children. During this experience, children will learn more about sharks, but they also get to swim with them from the safety of a shark cage or aqua tub!

In addition to the interactive chemistry set we mentioned earlier, there are more fun and interactive options in our Christmas presents collection. One additional option is the Sci-Play Make Your Own Bounce Ball, enabling boys to make their own bounce balls from scratch!

Inside the Sci-Play set, boys can find neon crystals, glow-in-the-dark crystals, metallic crystals, and various moulds to make their design. With this set, they can make much more than the basic round bounce ball. No, this set allows boys to make the most creative bouncy balls in unusual shapes and sizes. Of course, it also teaches them something about physics and chemistry in the process.

Is your recipient a little more creative than most kids? If so, you could consider providing him with some entertainment through our Nanoblock Meerkat. As the name suggests, the Nanoblock Meerkat is a building block set, yet it is still quite different from the average set of Lego blocks.

The Nanoblock Meerkat is built with more than one hundred pieces, each measuring a tiny four by four millimetres. Creating a Nanoblock masterpiece demands patience and creativity, so it is certainly an activity many creative kids will find a delightful challenge.

Want more adventure for your little boy this holiday season? Sydney offers an amazing range of activities for you to take advantage of; this includes the Jet Blast for Kids in Sydney. During the Jet Blast Child experience, your child will splash and slide around in Sydney harbour, curtesy of a high-speed jet boat. The driver of the boat will perform various manoeuvres, while pointing out some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings of course!

Where Can I Find More Christmas Present Ideas for My Child?

To get more inspiration for the holiday season, customers can head over to the “Christmas” section, found under the “occasions” tab on the main menu. Then, click on “kids” from the subcategories to get an instant overview of suitable Christmas presents.

For more Christmas present inspiration, customers can also head to the “kids” section on the main menu, which contains even more suitable presents for children.

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