Silver Santamarta Espresso Spoon Set

Santamarta 6 Piece Set in Silver

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The Santamarta 6 Piece Coffee Spoons Set is a great gift for any occasion! It is made from 18/10 stainless steel and expertly manufactured in Portugal. Each individual spoon has an ornate design that extends from the front all around to the back including on the handle giving it a completely unique appearance. Comletely dishwasher safe, each spoon measures 115mm x 3mm making it perfect for that evening tea or morning coffee.

It comes presented in a Hall gift box making it a great gift idea for a wedding or even an anniversary. Also the perfect Christmas gift for men who love their coffee. Many Other Gifts are available from Everything But Flowers.

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Christmas Presents and Coffee Facts For Coffee Lovers

Australians are amongst the worlds greatest coffee drinkers. Coffee came with the fleets in the late 18th Century, but coffee of real quality didn't arrive until the mid-twentieth century. This was thanks to the influence of European immigrants. The best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers look as amazing as Australias best coffee tastes; which is why we love this Silver Espresso Spoon Set.

Families from coffee-drinking countries like Italy, France, Turkey and Austria made sure they brought over the type of decent coffee they were used to. In the past twenty years, Aussie coffee consumption has boomed. Would you like to know some awesome coffee facts?

1. Coffee is the second most valuable traded commodity in the world after crude oil. It's estimated that people across the globe drink 2.25 billion cups a day. The only beverage consumed more than coffee is water. So if youre giving Christmas gifts inspired by coffee then youre part of a valuable economy.

2. Coffee beans are actually the pits of the ripe, cherry-like fruit of the coffee tree. The beans are green before being roasted. Coffee trees can grow as tall as 30 feet (9 meters). The cherries begin life as fragrant white blossoms, and take nearly a year to mature.

3. Coffee was the first food to be freeze dried. This means it can be stored for years in a kind of suspended animation, then brought back to life with boiled water! It first happened during World War II so it could be preserved during rationing.

4. Coffee doesn't taste as good as it smells because saliva wipes out half the flavour!

5. The name cappuccino comes from the similarity between the colour of the drink and the clothing of Capuchin monks.

6. Before roasted coffee was created, coffee was a food. In parts of Africa, people mixed coffee berries with fat to create energy snack balls!

7. During 17th Century England, coffee houses became hugely popular. In 1675, King Charles II issued a Proclamation for the suppression of Coffee Houses - in other words, he banned them. He was convinced enemies used them while plotting against him.

The Best Christmas presents for coffee lovers

The Pantone Universe Espresso Coffee Gift Set has bone china cups in Pantone's most popular colours. They're super-stylish and are complemented perfectly by the Pantone Universe Espresso Maker Ketchup Red stove-top pot.

For a luxury Christmas present, give the coffee lover a graceful stir to their morning coffee. The Silver Espresso Spoon Set of 6 are made from the finest stainless steel and etched with a beautiful pattern.

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