Cocktail Hour Set of Cocktail Stirrers

Anna Gare 18cm Gold Tipped Stirrers

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Serve delicious cocktails in style with this set of 4 x 18cm clear cocktail stirrers with shiny gold tip from the amazing Cocktail Hour entertaining range from Anna Gare. This is truly delightful entertaining in style and will be the perfect addition for festive entertaining, so add it to the possibilities for great Christmas presents ideas.

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Cocktail-Inspired Christmas Present Ideas

First, let us go back a bit in time. For thousands of years, humans across the globe have enjoyed some kind of alcoholic drink. It was not all for pleasure mostly it was due to polluted water, which was unsafe to drink. This meant people drank beer for breakfast! Before you go wishing for a time machine as this year's Christmas present, the beer was almost as thick as porridge and only about 2% in strength. Fortunately, you can count on a lot of Christmas present ideas that do involve decent beverages!

Why Did People Have Alcoholic Drinks for Breakfast?

River water commonly contained water-borne pathogens, and unless people lived beside a pure water source like a mountain stream, the pathogens needed to be treated to make the water safe. The only way to do this was to ferment the water using ingredients including grains or fruit, turning it into an alcoholic drink. This is why people drank beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Ah, the good old days.

The science of distillation was discovered a few hundred years ago in the Middle East. Grains were used to make the equivalent of modern-day spirits. At the time distilled drinks were also known as aqua vitae, which means water of life. They obviously appreciated the results!

When Did Cocktails First Appear?

The very beginning of what we now call cocktails is obscure. The first mention of a drink called a cock-tail is from an English newspaper in 1798. In New York in 1806, the cocktail drink was properly defined as a stimulating liquor composed of any kind of sugar, water and bitters.

The popularity of cocktails surged in the US, where many of the most famous drinks were invented. Nowadays there are thousands of recipes. One recipe can have many versions and names, depending on whether it has a cherry or an olive, or the rim of the glass is rubbed with lemon or dipped in salt. Our bet is that you have a few friends who will be overjoyed to receive some of your cocktail-inspired Christmas present ideas.

Want to Know How to Make the Best Cocktails?

Let us give you a hand. The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion Book from our Christmas present ideas catalogue has 125 recipes, beautifully detailed and illustrated. Of course, our range of Christmas present ideas contains other cocktail and beverage related books that you could use for a true cocktail masterpiece, so we always suggest checking out our range of good Christmas presents for inspiration.

Different cocktails use specifically shaped glasses, such as a hi-ball glass or a champagne flute. For a fun cocktail glass, check out our Anna Gare Retro Jar Tumblers.

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