Alex Pineapple Sculpture

The Fruity Home Styling Trend of the Year

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Have you noticed pineapples everywhere? We have! In all the world’s leading home design magazines and on style blogs everywhere – it’s official; pineapples are taking the world by storm, which is why we know this gorgeous pineapple sculpture is going to delight anyone who’s lucky enough to receive it this year.

Did we say design trends? This stunning porcelain pineapple is finished in an elegant polished copper for a stylish and elegant home décor look; another of the year’s hottest homewares trends. Copper offers an earthy feel with a touch of class.

A gorgeous idea for Christmas presents for those who like to stay in the game when it comes to their home styling, also a great gift idea for teenagers, or as an office gift to inspire dreams of tropical summer holidays.

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Porcelain Pineapple Sculpture

The perfect Christmas presents for women are those that really call out to their likes and interests. And for a lot of women, one of the things that they love the most is decorating their homes, and making every piece inside the house feel comfortable and coherent. One amazing item for home decoration we have here at Everything But Flowers is this Porcelain Pineapple Sculpture. Recently, you may have noticed that pineapple designs are all over the place, and these are not just in the market or the grocery store. No longer do fruits like pineapples merely belong with other produce, but they also go perfectly well as decorations for the home. With the Porcelain Pineapple Sculpture as Christmas presents for women, you loved one will certainly find joy in this stunning and eye-catching decor.
The New Trend in Home Décor
The pineapple motif has recently become popular in different parts of the world. With this trend starting from fashion pieces that incorporated the fruity design, it has since worked its way to our homes and to our hearts, through the form of home decoration. Most noticeably since 2014, the pineapple craze has been seen in various style blogs, and leading home design publications. It has also taken form through paintings, prints, furniture, and sculptures, and has become such great additions to homes and interiors everywhere.
Pineapple designed decoration has been such a hit also because of how much it reminds us of vacations and exotic places. Moreover, it does not need to be spring or summer for this design to become an appropriate part of any home. Although the traditional colours of yellows and greens found in pineapples bring colour and joy, designers have also found a way to put a twist on the classic pineapple we know and love. As Christmas presents for women, this Porcelain Pineapple Sculpture can be given to any woman who wants their home to be trendy and in fashion.
The Beauty and Meaning of the Pineapple
One the reasons why people find pineapples enchanting enough to be placed as decorations inside the home is because of the fruit’s interesting shape and texture. The various eyes of the pineapple form geometric figures, which is topped with long overlapping leaves. All this draws your eye to different parts of the fruit. These characteristics bring charm and character to any home when translated as decoration. As Christmas presents for women, this aesthetic appeal that pineapples have will surely catch the attention of whoever you are giving this gift to. More than that, however, pineapples also have special meanings. Pineapples have a traditional significance of being truly inviting and welcoming. Historically, giving this fruit symbolised a person’s friendliness and graciousness to others. So bear this in mind as you give this Porcelain Pineapple Sculpture to your loved one. And to have this present in a home announces the hospitality of the house, and makes guests feel warm and comfortable.
Unique sculptures as Christmas presents for women
Sculptures are pieces of home decoration that are sure to stand out. Sculptures may not be quite functional and have little practical use to the home, but they are still important. Creations like this appeal to our emotions, and create a feel and vibe in our home. They make people feel happy or inspired when looking at them. Artworks like this speak to you, and can easily fill out the emptiness inside a room. The copper finish of this pineapple takes centre stage and makes it the star of any room. The distinctive colours of copper finishes make them sought after by home decorators. These kinds of pieces can instantly beautify your loved one’s home.
This Porcelain Pineapple Sculpture is quite simple and minimalist, and will fit well in any room inside her house. The pineapple sculpture is also made of porcelain, a ceramic material that is quite strong and durable. It is unlike clay or other mouldable materials that easily crumble and get destroyed. Also, porcelain has an expensive and sophisticated appeal to it since it has a smooth and elegant finish. As Christmas presents for women, your loved one will definitely feel joy as she decides where to put this wonderful pineapple piece.
Available here at Everything But Flowers, this sculpture can be placed on her living room’s coffee table, on her bedside dresser, or on the kitchen counter. It may even be put right at the entryway for all her guests to see. This will certainly get the attention of everyone in the room, and become a wonderful conversation starter. Order one or two today!