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Invite good fortune by gifting these Lucky Rabbits Set of 2. Your recipient will be overjoyed, and by keeping these gorgeous bunnies close will inspire luck and positive things to come their way. A rabbit symbolises good luck because of its ability to jump, implying leaping into the future and proceeding forward in life. The rabbit is usually linked with abundance and fertility while maintaining a fruitful relationship.

This pair of rabbit figurines can also add zest to home decorations while spicing up the surrounding atmosphere at home or in a bedroom. These Lucky Rabbits are a great idea for a Christmas present for the person who has everything, but they also work very well for occasions such as graduations and birthdays too.

We love gifting this cute pair for Christmas presents, because they inspire good luck for the New Year, or for birthdays, for the year ahead. Whatever the reason, who wouldn't love receiving a lucky gift.

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Lucky Rabbits

Have you ever met a woman who seems to have all the luck in the world? Why not be her lucky friend by giving her a pair of Lucky Rabbits as Christmas presents for women? Whether your friend, sister, or mum is superstitious or just wants some room decoration, this Luck Rabbits set of 2 will surely put a smile on her face.
Rabbits are small creatures. They are often coloured white but they also come in agouti, broken, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, shaded, and many other interesting ones. They are known for having the ability to multiply fast. Not a day comes when they are not hopping around. Rabbits are gentle and cute animals that can easily be the centre of attention. Give your friend, sister, or mum something that can make their flat the most interesting place in the world, and give her some luck with Lucky Rabbits as Christmas presents for women.
Beliefs about Rabbits

Just like any animals, rabbits are subjects of a lot of superstitions and beliefs. In old English superstition, when you say ‘Rabbit’ three times in a row every first day of the month, you will receive luck on that month. However, it is necessary that “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” be the first three words that you say once you wake up. You also have to say the words loudly.
Rabbit is also included in the Chinese calendar year wherein a person’s characteristics can be predicted based on the animal during her birth year. When you give these Lucky Rabbits, set of 2 to your friend, sister or mum, as Christmas presents for women, do not forget to mention these things. Who knows they win the lottery during the month that they say “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit”?  
High Quality Christmas Presents for Women

This Lucky Rabbits, set of 2 is made of the highest quality materials. Both rabbits are made in cast iron. Drop it or kick it, the rabbits will remain in one piece. No one wants a holiday present that easily breaks or immediately fall into pieces in one wrong move. If you want a sturdy and long lasting Christmas presents for women, this Lucky Rabbits is a sure thing. You can browse for other unique holiday gifts here at Everything But Flowers. Buy more products and take advantage of our free Australia-wide shipping for all orders above $99.00.
Rabbit as a Symbol of Abundance

Rabbits are not only for luck. They are also a symbol of prosperity. Rabbits have the ability to multiply quite fast. That is how these animals became a symbol of abundance. Because of this, it became customary in Northern Europe to give a white rabbit to a child so that the latter may live a wonderful and prosperous life. Give this set of Lucky Rabbits to your mum to thank her for the abundant life you have lived. A friend who has always been there for you will surely appreciate a heartfelt gift of Lucky Rabbits. A sister who struggles in prospering in a career and handling other tasks will also be overjoyed by the meaning behind having rabbits in the house. Superstitious as it may seem, remember that there is thanking someone by giving them a gift is beyond any superstition. It is a form of showing appreciation.
Whether the recipient of your Christmas presents for women opt to display this on top of the desk at the office or on a bedside table, keeping them close will really inspire some luck.
A Décor that Blends in

Another thing that makes the Lucky Rabbits, set of 2 great Christmas presents for women is its ability to blend in with any type of interior design. Its black colour makes the pair look smooth. Hence, it can easily be put in along with other designs. Whether the place is pale white or the items are all in pink, a little dash of black from these Lucky Rabbits will add interest to any room.
You can never go wrong with these Lucky Rabbits set of 2 as Christmas presents for women. For an affordable price, anyone can enjoy feeling lucky all days of the month. The pair even comes with a tin can which can be used in different things. You can even put her favourite tea bags inside this can.
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