Upright Chicken Roaster

Upright poultry roaster for a delicious roast chook!

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With the Upright Chicken Roaster, avid barbecuers and amateurs alike are finally able to cook the perfect bird. Cooking a tender, juicy bird has never been easier! The Upright Chicken Roaster is made of stainless steel and can hold up to 8 lbs or 3.6 kg, perfect for chickens, game hens, and small turkeys. The pan measures 21 x 21 cm. The handle length is 25 cm. It disassembles quickly and simply for easy cleaning and trouble-free storage. Durable and long-lasting, this vertical roaster is sure to be a favorite in the kitchen for years to come.

This makes a great gift for Christmas; just imagine how good the holiday meal will be! It’s also great to give at Father’s Day or as a birthday present. And, if you want to buy it for yourself, we promise we won’t tell!

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Upright Chicken Roaster

If you are looking for Christmas presents for men, December is not the only time you can buy things for them. There are plenty of items throughout the duration of the year that you can give either on Christmas itself or as an early Christmas gift. It is actually more beneficial to purchase your gifts early because you no longer have to stand through long lines and deal with stressed out shoppers inside the stores anymore. But when you get a gift, it is important that you get ones that can be used even up to years you are your purchase. Things like the Upright Chicken Roaster are definitely on top of the list of those timeless products that you can wrap up today and still give tomorrow without any worry of losing its value.

With its classic sophisticated design, the Upright Chicken Roaster will serve as a good piece of cookware that any man would love to have. Barbeques will never be the same when you give Christmas presents for men like this. Chicken will inevitably become a part of your menu and you will never have too much of it because of the many recipes you can try out and even create from using just this one piece of equipment.

What is the Upright Chicken Roaster?

With a pan size of 21 x 21 cm and a handle length of 25cm, the Upright Chicken Roaster is manufactured with a stainless steel material so it is easy to clean and can last a long time. It is also enough to fit a bird of up to 3.6 kg which is enough to last you a whole simple dinner with a few of your friends. It is also easy to disassemble and put away for storage when it is not in use.

Advantages of Cooking Chicken in the Upright Position

There is nothing wrong with cooking your chicken horizontally. Many people still do that until now. But there are quite a few benefits that you would get with cooking your chicken upright that you will not get when you cook it any other way. An upright chicken roaster allows you to cook chicken or duck both inside and out. The reason that this is possible is because of the cylindrical opening in the middle of the roaster. This opening serves as an entry point for the heat from the grill.

Other than allowing the chicken to be cooked both inside and out, this mechanism also keeps the meat juicy and the skin crispy. It is the perfect combination your friends and family will love and keep requesting. Keeping it in an upright position also gives you the ability to collect the excess oil and fat from the chicken which you can use for other dishes. This gives you lean chicken which is much healthier than plain roasted chicken. The plate that surrounds the cylindrical opening can also serve as your pan for cooking rice or frying fruits with the chicken’s juice. And since the chicken is in an upright position, the marinade drips from the top and allows the chicken to have an accurate and consistent flavour.

Giving Christmas presents for men who are barbeque enthusiasts will not be a mistake. They might actually even thank you years after.

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