Spanner Butane Gas BBQ Lighter

Refillable Butane Gas BBQ/Utility Lighter

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This novelty spanner shaped butane lighter is guaranteed to please anyone who enjoys working with tools. The perfect gift to tempt the old and young DIY enthusiasts in your life out of the workshop and straight to the BBQ. One flick of the adjustable snout and up go the flames.

This novelty wrench-shaped lighter makes the perfect gift for any occasion for family and friends, and it is not just for the men in your life.

When it comes to men's Christmas presents, we think he's going to be excited with this one. Every time  he lights the BBQ this spanner lighter is going to bring a smile to his face. Men's Christmas presents are no longer difficult to find thanks to Everything But Flowers. We have over 1,000 gifts to choose from.

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Men's Christmas presents for cooking and partying

Summer and Christmas are the best combination for the festive season with all the celebrations. We can party in the pool, party at the beach, party in the garden or the park and when we party we love to drink and eat.

Men love barbecuing, and barbie season never ends. When you get barbecue-themed men's Christmas presents from Everything But Flowers they'll receive gifts they'll love.

Cooking barbecues mean gadgets lots of them!

The barbecue chef will take things really seriously. He may be making a fuss, make noise to get attention, and be enjoying fun banter. But underneath he's deadly serious. He wants his food to be enjoyed, the best barbecue ever, and that means having the right tools. The thing with barbecuing is that tools can get worn out with all those flames and high temperatures.

This is why men's Christmas presents for the barbecue are so useful. Even if barbie chefs have lots of gadgets, they'll need back-up equipment. We've got heaps of novelty BBQ men's Christmas presents that will make him smile, and give party guests laughs. Check out our barbie lighting gadgets for starters.

The value of novelty men's Christmas presents

We've got serious BBQ gear of great quality, like the Maverick BBQ Tool Set, a nine-piece stainless steel practical tool set essential for barbecuing. But useful, novelty items have great value for enhancing the party atmosphere. So getting men's Christmas presents that are fun as well as practical are perfect.

Entertaining gadgets to light his fire

We've a series of barbecue lighters, like the Trout BBQ Lighter for the fish lover, or the lighter that looks just like a cordless drill for the DIY man. The perfect Men's Christmas present for someone into fishing and barbies, is the lighter shaped like a small fishing rod, complete with replica reel.


BBQ men's Christmas gifts for extra fun

Check out our BBQ Branding Iron, which has every letter of the alphabet that can be slotted into the iron. He can spelling people's names and brand their steak's for that individual touch of flair. Or he can create whatever message he likes! This men's Christmas present is one of our hottest BBQ gifts that men love.