CROSS Medalist Ballpoint Pen

CROSS Ballpoint pen in Basalte Black

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There are some gifts that are memorable and this CROSS Medalist Ballpoint Pen in Basalte Black is one of them. The ink will slide smoothly across the page whether it's for corporate documents or out in a farm workshop, CROSS pens offer quality like no other.

With over 160 years of expertise behind the brand, CROSS pens stand the test of quality and are made to last. One of our premium mens gifts, we think this one is perfect for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or just to say thank you. We make gift giving easy, with premium gift wrapping and free Australian delivery for orders over $99.

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How to Find the Perfect Christmas Presents for Your Father

Oh boy! While some of us are really clever and pre-plan an entire list of perfect gifts for our family each year; for others when its time to do Christmas shopping for our parents, hours are spent deciding whats suitable. While mums often seem easy to buy Christmas presents for, its buying presents for your father can be especially tough. Heres our top tips for easy online gift shopping for Dad.

Figure Out What His Passions Are

He brought you into the world, youve known him your entire life, so its time to dig deep and think about what Dad loves. When youre thinking about great Christmas gifts for Dads, then its time to think about all the things hes been dreaming of all year and not had the time or money to treat himself to.

If he loves to go fishing but hes got 101 fishing rods already, then dont buy him number 102, instead buy him a fishing rod BBQ lighter that hell love showing off. If he takes pride in carving the Sunday roast but always complains about not having a carving fork since the last set got lost 20 years ago; treat him to a lovely new carving set from Laguiole. Every dad has something he wishes he owned, and Christmas is your chance to make that happen.

Give Dad the Gift of Relaxation for Christmas

Dads are hard workers, and we all know they dont often take time out to relax. If your dad never seems to stop, then a funny book is the ideal Christmas present. Having something to read that will bring laughter into his day, will give him a good reason to stop and take a much needed break.

Scented candles and skincare may not be something youve considered as great Christmas presents for Dad either, but both are appreciated more than youd imagine, because its always the Dads who forget to look after their skin, and underestimate just how relaxing it can be to have beautiful aromas filling their home. Surprise him with something a bit new-age we promise he wont complain.

Great Gift Experiences for Dad Will Have Him Smiling

Think outside the norm for Dads Christmas present this year. Dont buy him something hell put away in the drawer never to look at again, instead buy him a memorable experience that will give him new stories to tell and memories to share with you. Whether hed love to go on a beer tasting tour, skydive for the first time in his life, take a helicopter joy flight over the city, or take a cooking class; weve got great experiences that you can gift to Dad that are sure to impress all his mates.

The real secret to finding the perfect Christmas presents for your dad is to buy him a gift from the heart. We know it sounds clich, but Dads dont really care what you buy them for Christmas when they can see that youve put some thought into your gift shopping. Whatever it is that you give to your Dad this year, be sure to include a hug, or at least a phone call, because nothing is more precious than time together.

The CROSS Medalist Ballpoint Pen is a stunning gift for dad's who appreciate gifts with quality and style, and we know he'll use this wonderful pen everyday and think of you as he does. Trust us, we're Australia's premium online Christmas gifts store and we've got Christmas presents like the CROSS Medalist Ballpoint Pen and lots more for Dad's and the entire family at Everything but Flowers