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This year's hottest Christmas gifts for kids and teens are Nano Blocks. From the Challenger Range this T-Rex Skeleton Model is just that.. a Challenge! Popular mainly as a gift for teenage kids, although children as young as 8 years old can still take on the T-Rex Challenger. At a mere 1/8 the size of conventional building block the nano block range is an incredible Japanese construction toy that creates high detailed models.

Includes very detailed coloured instructions and is rated a level 4 in difficulty! Estimated to take the average builder 90-180 minutes to complete. Get their brain working and building for the holidays or do it as a fun activity as a family!

Whether you're looking for the perfect Christmas presents for kids or something extra special for their birthday presents, we love Nano Blocks and stock a range that is sure to include the perfect gift idea for a wide range of interests.

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Uncover the Greatest Christmas Presents for Kids!

Every Christmas, our team looks for original Christmas presents for kids, so our customers will easily find something that kids are going to love during the holiday season. So, if you are looking for something original, our range of Christmas presents is sure to deliver. Curious what Christmas presents we can offer this year? Check out the greatest Christmas presents from Everything but Flowers this year!

The Nanoblock T-Rex Skeleton

Our Nanoblock T-Rex Skeleton is a modern take on the traditional puzzle. Instead of two-dimensional puzzle pieces, you will get a set of three-dimensional pieces, which can be used to put together a beautiful T-Rex.

The Nanoblock T-Rex Skeleton is a suitable gift for children age 8 and older. However, putting this T-Rex together can be rather difficult, since this puzzle has a rated 4 difficulty. Therefore, we recommend that children put this T-Rex together with the rest of the family.

Bella the Bunny Plush

When you need a present for a newborn or a toddler, we can recommend the Bella the Bunny Plush. Bella is a beautiful cuddly toy that measures 37 centimetres by 15 centimetres and does not contain any small pieces that children could swallow. Therefore, this toy is deemed safe for both babies and toddlers.

One of the biggest benefits of Bella the Bunny Plush is her soft texture. Soft toys can be a great comfort for babies and toddlers, making them feel more comfortable and loved. Therefore, Bella the Bunny Plush could be the ideal companion for your baby or your toddler this Christmas.

Everything but Flowers offers more cuddly toys for newborns and toddlers for customers who want to gift more than one cuddly toy this Christmas. In addition to Bella the Bunny Plush, customers can also choose Freddy the Teddy Plush, Tiger Tribe Owl and many others. Simply look at our entire kids range to discover all the options available to you!

How to Build a Human Body Book

Getting your kids interested in science and biology early in life can give them a head start in school. Therefore, it can be a good idea to choose some educational gifts for Christmas as well. The ‘How to Build a Human Body Book’ is a great educational gift for curious kids. It teaches them more about the human body and how that human body works. It is the perfect gift for future doctors and scientists, so should be in your list if you want your child to have a wonderful future.

Kids Colour Change Umbrella

Children like all weird and wonderful things, so this colour changing umbrella can be a good option for Christmas as well. When the umbrella is dry, the colours on the umbrella will be white and red. However, when the umbrella encounters raindrops, the colours of the umbrella will change into a true rainbow of colours. Therefore, this colour-changing umbrella can be an interesting gift for both girls and boys.

The Sunnylife Inflatable Cactoss

Every kid should have a ring toss game, since this is a great game to be active with. The Sunnylife Inflatable Cactoss can be used outdoors and indoors, and is especially suited for those barbecue and pool parties during hot summer days. Of course, kids can also take this game to the beach, because the Sunnylife Inflatable Cactoss can provide children with hours of entertainment.

The Sunnylife Inflatable Cactoss measures 67 x 45 x 50 centimetres and is made from a durable form of PVC plastic. The game is especially designed for children age 3 and older, so most kids will get a lot of enjoyment from this game.

At Everything but Flowers, we understand that inflatable toys can get a puncture from repeated use. Therefore, Everything but Flowers includes a repair patch, so you can repair punctures when they should occur.

The Tiger Tribe Dump Truck & Loader Wooden Toys

Most of us had some toys in our childhood we could pass on to our own kids later. To gift your child something like this, we can recommend the Tiger Tribe Dump Truck & Loader Wooden Toys. These handcrafted wooden toys are built to last, and your child will be getting hours of enjoyment from them. Of course, since these toys are so durable, they will be able to pass them on to their children one day.

The Tiger Tribe Dump Truck & Loader Wooden Toys are an environmentally-friendly gift as well, since they are fully made from sustainable timbers. So, instead of buying a mass-produced toy that has a bad influence on the environment, why not choose this handcrafted set of toys this year?

The Wild Science Weird Slime Lab

Children with an interest in chemistry and science should be encouraged. Fortunately, there are more educational Christmas gifts in our range this year. Another educational gift that can fuel your child’s interest in chemistry and science is the Wild Science Weird Slime Lab, which enables your child to play around with tadpole soup, blood clots, clear and coloured gels, grow leeches and other weird and wonderful stuff.

Even though this educational gift is classified as a chemistry set, it is still considered as safe. It is suitable for children age 10 and older and does not contain any toxic materials that may harm your child’s health. So, thanks to this set, you can create a safe environment for your child to experiment with science and chemistry.

More Great Christmas Presents for Kids

Are the presents described above not really what you are looking for? No need to worry, because there are many other games and toys for kids in our range of Christmas gifts.

In addition to chemistry sets, puzzles and fluffy toys, our range also contains some interesting books. We also offer some cute decorations for children’s bedrooms, including a unique Dreams Tyrannosaurus Projector Egg, which will transform your child’s room in a genuine Jurassic Park. To find out more about our available Christmas gifts for kids, please head over to our gifts for kids category.