The Big Book of Things to Find & Colour Book

A bright activity book for kids!

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Travelling with children is often an experiment in patience. They get bored, tired, or just plain cranky. But what if they were occupied by something fun and engaging? Author Fiona Watt and illustrator Stella Baggott offer you The Big Book of Things to Find and Colour. It's the perfect way to entertain young kids during long plane, train, and automobile rides.

With 256 pages of activities, The Big Book of Things to Find and Colour includes everything your kids will need to remain occupied and content. Activities include mazes, matching pairs, odd-ones-out, and colouring. This book is recommended for children ages 4 and up.

This colouring book makes a wonderful birthday, Christmas, or travelling gift for young children. We recommend pairing this activity book with Triangle Crayons from Tiger Tribe.

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Five Christmas Presents Kids Love

While it can seem almost impossible to find the best Christmas presents for kids, there are some common favourites that never fail to impress children of all ages. We are going to help make your online Christmas presents shopping as easy as it can be by uncovering five guaranteed Christmas presents that will leave kids of all ages smiling and happy this festive giving season.

Often Games Make the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Think back to when you were a child opening all those beautifully wrapped Christmas presents on Christmas Day. The suspense you felt hoping all the things you were dreaming of would be inside, the list you'd written to Santa, and the joy you felt when you opened a gift you'd spent weeks dreaming of. Oh how joyous those precious moments were. Buying the right Christmas presents for children can give them that same feeling of joy, and the best thing about buying games gifts for kids is that games are a Christmas gift theyll enjoy opening on Christmas day and the using and enjoying over and over again for the rest of the year.

Books Are Undervalued as Childrens Christmas Presents

In the days of modern technology, children get so swept up in electronic devices, that sometimes when buying kids Christmas presents; people overlook the joy that a book can bring. Childhood should be full of memorable stories and images that storybooks bring, so although e-books are now common place, beautiful printed childrens books will be a treasured part of childhood and can be passed down to future generations to enjoy too.

Outdoor Science Kits are Great Christmas Presents for Adventurous Kids

If you need to buy Christmas presents for older kids, then you cant go past science kits to get the kids outdoors and enjoying nature and sunshine. Whether its creating their own worm farm, or using a magnifying glass to get up close to bugs, kids love gifts that not only help them find things to do outside, but also allow them to learn new things in a fun way.

Adult Colouring Books Arent Just for Adults

Theres such an amazing trend for adult colouring books at the moment, but the secret about these gorgeous books is, that they make wonderful colouring book gifts for kids too. Not all kids want to colour in cartoon characters, some will be captivated by the exquisite patterns that adult colouring books contain. Even better is the collection of colouring books that are made to suit both adults and children together; these make an especially sweet gift for parents and children to colour and spend some quality time side by side.

Plush Toys & Gorgeous Stuffed Animals are a Fail safe Christmas Present for Kids

For younger children especially, you simply cant fail when giving the gift of soft, cuddly toys. Newborn Christmas presents can be especially hard to choose, so stuffed toys make the perfect Christmas presents for young babies, and are often one of our best sellers for the festive season.

Regardless of what gift you choose for the children in your life, the best gift of all is the smile and joy theyll feel knowing that youre thinking of them and that you care.