Birds, Bugs, Beasts & Blossoms Sticker Book

Softcover Sticker Book From Lisa Houck

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This beautiful softcover book from Lisa Houck features over 150 reusable stickers in 50 different designs ready to inspire kids to create their own delightful masterpiece.

Lisas art celebrates the joyous colours of life and this sticker book inspires children to do the same.

Published by PomegranateKids, theres bugs, beasts, birds, and beautiful blossoms that will allow children a wonderful range of options to create inspired artwork through stickers. Thanks to the reusability of the stickers, this book will provide entertainment over and over again.

Measuring 22cm x 28cm theres lots of space for stickering fun. A great idea for Christmas or birthday gifts for kids who are creative, theyre sure to love it.

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