Nanoblock Space Center

Micro-sized Building Blocks

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Add another remarkable Nanoblock piece to their ever-growing collection; this is one of the year's hottest Christmas presents for kids. Nanoblocks are the perfect gift for the avid builder! Create a great replica of this space centre with the 4 x 4 x 5 mm individual sized blocks. Containing over 550 blocks, it will help develop planning and organisational skills and will encourage creative play these summer holidays!

Combine with the other buildings in the Nanoblock Sights to See Collection. Whether it's the perfect birthday presents or Christmas presents that you're looking for; we've got a huge range of gift options in our online gift store that are ready to deliver right now.

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The Nanoblock Space Centre – Discover One of the Best Christmas Presents for Kids!

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas presents for kids this year? Then look no further – Everything But Flowers carries all kinds of Christmas presents for kids that are perfect for the season!

Christmas is the time for little children. They expect toys and presents, tons of food, and of course, Santa. Make this year’s Christmas celebration one that they will never forget. Give Christmas presents for kids that they will truly love.

Do you have an aspiring architect, engineer, or even an astronaut in the family? Does your little one love to build, create, and organise things? The Nanoblock Space Centre should be a consideration from our Christmas presents for kids catalogue! Let them build it on their own, display it, and have everyone be awed at the genius that is your little one.

Why Should I Choose Inspirational Christmas Present Ideas for Kids?

This Christmas, you can go beyond what is expected in gift-giving. Nowadays, Christmas present ideas for kids entail having to buy a computer or a console game – modern times call for modern gifts, right? But how about giving them something different but still equally lovable? They may not expect it, but these are Christmas present ideas for kids that, when they look back on it, they will realise to be more than what they wanted. Who knows? These Christmas present ideas may even be favourites that they carry with them even when they are all grown up?

What are examples of these types of Christmas present ideas for kids? The first step is to think outside of the box. Find good Christmas presents that can hone specific skills they can use later in life. If that sounds a bit too serious for you, then think of it this way—these are also good Christmas presents that can develop their character. Toys and games need not be mindless. If you look at the market today, majority of kids’ toys are even geared toward developing a particular quality in children—creativity, coordination, you name it. And the thing is, they are not as dull as they may sound. These toys and games are crafted to capture the kids’ interests, so you’re sure that your gifts will delight both the parents and the kids.

Good Christmas presents perfectly fitting these descriptions would be toys from our Nanoblock collection. They are building blocks that little kids can build to form different places, things, and more. The Nanoblock Space Centre, in particular, are an excellent present option for kids, especially those who are interested in space science.

So if you are still on the fence about which good Christmas presents you should get, keep these things in mind. Get good Christmas presents that are more than just mere toys for their entertainment.

Why Should I Choose the Nanoblock Space Centre for Christmas?

Now that we have established how you should think outside the Christmas-giving box this year, let’s talk about the Nanoblock Space Centre. It is just one of the various products in the Sights to See Collection of Nanoblocks, which also includes the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal along with many others. Give this delightful set of building blocks to your little kids—whether daughter, son, niece, or nephew—to encourage them to think as big as the universe this rocket is launching off to.

Get them started on this fruitful hobby by getting them their first set of Nanoblocks with the Nanoblock Space Centre from the Christmas presents for boys catalogue. The Nanoblock Space Centre contains 550+ pieces that your keen builder will love putting together. It comes with a set of instructions that will help and guide him in building this wonderful work of creativity and organisation. Help hone their planning and methodical skills, even their logic and creativity, with the Nanoblock Space Centre from the Christmas presents for boys range. They can even build something different with the same set of blocks by following the alternate instructions that are also provided. It is never too early to challenge them with Christmas presents for boys like this. If they find it too difficult, it will still teach them about resilience and perseverance.

If this is not their first Nanoblock set, then all the better, since you will be contributing to their growing collection. We hope that this has given you inspiration as well to think about what other types of Christmas presents for boys there are out there. Give them something that is different. Give them something that they will love even as they grow older. Give them the Nanoblock Space Centre.

Why Should I Choose Everything but Flowers for Christmas Presents for Boys and Girls?

If you are on the hunt for the unusual Christmas presents for girls and boys, come browse our online store here at Everything But Flowers. We have a wide array of gift selections that the little kid in your life will truly enjoy and learn from. Order the Nanoblock Space Centre today and help them hone their skill while still having fun!

Aside from the Nanoblock Space Centre, our collection of Christmas presents for girls and boys provides other activity sets that may prove interesting to hone their skills. We especially recommend looking at the Wild Science kits in our Christmas presents for girls and boys collection, since these sets are both educational and fun!

The Christmas presents for girls and boys available at Everything but Flowers are hand-selected by our team. Each of these Christmas presents for girls and boys will contribute to the development of your child, but also provide them with loads of fun.

Need some additional Christmas presents ideas? You can always count on the experience of the Everything but Flowers team! Contact us today via telephone or email for assistance.