Charley Harper Birds Growth Chart

Featuring Gorgeous Birds & Imagery

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No more boring growth charts thanks to the gorgeous artworks of Charley Harper. This growth chart is a stunning wall sticker, with smaller stickers that add extra information to the cart as children grow.

The perfect addition to the nursery, toy room, bedroom or anywhere in the house; this wall sticker growth chart includes 50 stickers that feature flowers, lady beetles and leaves to record milestones and customise the chart.

To install, simply measure 45.7cm from the floor and mark. Peel and stick the lowest sticker of the growth chart panels to the marked wall (or any smooth surface); smoothing the sticker to remove air bubbles. Continue with the remaining growth chart panels above each other until the entire panel is installed.

The panels measure in increments of inches and centimetres, and the included stickers allow parents to mark occasions such as birthdays or simply add decoration.

The measurement begins at 45.7cm tall and goes up to 167.6cm tall allowing for plenty of growth and use for many years. The complete assembled size of the chart itself measures 27.9cm x 121.9cm. This is a great idea for toddler Christmas gifts because we all know how fast they grow and change, and this way, no great growth milestones will be missed.

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Christmas Gifts to Occupy Busy Toddlers

Theres a distinct difference between your baby and toddler. When your child is a baby, it seems like they couldnt be any sweeter. Even when youre tired and they cry for the fifth time in an hour, you wouldn't trade your baby for a million dollars. Then the terrible twos take hold and your sweet baby turns into a busy little monster.

Your beautiful Christmas tree is up, featuring your favourite ornaments, and your house is decorated for the holidays. Youll barely be able to turn around before your toddler is finding something to steal, break, or both. So how do you curb these destructive habits in time for the holidays? We have some suggestions that include some great toddler Christmas gifts.

Why do toddlers enjoy destroying things?

When looking for toddler Christmas gifts, keep in mind that there are two theories as to why toddlers enjoy destroying. The first theory suggests that toddlers break and destroy things to exercise their autonomy. The second theory suggests that toddlers are merely exploring their surroundings through experimentation. Unfortunately this experimentation comes at price. But you can find toddler Christmas gifts that are perfect for curbing their destructive habits.

Seeking to channel their excessive energy into an activity?

A great way to curb your toddlers destructive habits is to make sure they have access to activities and toys that allow them to explore the affect they have on the environment around them. For example, wooden blocks make great gifts for toddlers. They can build stacks and makeshift buildings, then enjoy knocking them down.

In addition to toys, find activities that allow your toddler to make a mess or destroy without the worry of being punished. If your child likes to tear paper apart, save old newspapers or magazines. You can also cover the floor with newspapers and allow your toddler to paint or draw to their hearts content.

Christmas Gifts That Entertain Toddlers.

Your toddler may be bent on destruction, but you should remember that their attention spans are quite short. With the right toddler Christmas gifts, you can be sure your toddler will have something to do other than painting on the walls.

Because your toddler is quickly growing, look for toys and activities that help develop their fine motor skills. For example, a wooden puzzle or a shape sorting game would do quite nicely. When your toddler does something he or she shouldn't do, correct their behavior then give them a choice of alternate activities.

Toddlers can seem like a nightmare. But as long as you understand why your toddler is acting out, you can use this knowledge to find the perfect toddler Christmas gifts for the holiday season. Here at Everything but Flowers we've got the best Christmas gifts for toddlers in Australia. As one of Australia's biggest online gift stores this Christmas and all year round, we're here to help you find the perfect presents for everyone.