Left/Right Ergonomic Crayons Set of 10

Beautiful Colours, Totally Erasable!

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Crayons that are beautiful, who knew! These are the most beautiful crayons we’ve seen, and not just because of their unique ergonomic design, but also for their stunning colour range too.

Kids will love this set of 10 left/right crayons because they are made to feel comfortable for left handers, right handers and the ambidextrous among us.

The specially designed ergonomic shape helps to support the hand while using the crayons to make colouring comfortable. These crayons make the perfect kids presents for creative kids, and not only will they help develop their fine motor skills, but they are great for the environment, being manufactured from eco-friendly polymers.

That’s not all either; these crayons are also erasable for easy corrections and totally non-toxic to keep kids safe. Recommended for children 3+ they make a great gift all year round, and can be paired with one of our many colouring books to create the perfect gift pack for kids.

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Left/Right Ergonomic Crayons Set of 10

Many people like shopping for Christmas presents for kids as early as the start of the year because this is usually when stores do their clearance sales for whatever was left after the spree during the holidays. It’s not only practical, but it also allows you to avoid long lines and settling for whatever’s left when stocks have been drained. Buying Christmas presents for kids this early will give you more options for gifts because stores add things to their inventory as the year progresses. Sales happen multiple times throughout the year as well. It will be easier for you to decide because you’re not pressured to get something you don’t feel confident in.
Things like the Left/Right Ergonomic Crayons Set of 10 make perfect Christmas presents for kids because you can give it for any occasion. You can even choose to give this to adults who also have the creative streak.
What is the Left/Right Ergonomic Crayons Set of 10?

Crayons can be amazing for kids who want to develop their artistic side. It can serve as a tool to translate their creative minds into art pieces before they move on to other mediums. But who says the design of the crayon itself can’t be beautiful, too? The Left/Right Ergonomic Crayons Set of 10 is part of our list of greatest Christmas presents for kids because of its modern and friendly design. Coming in with 10 different shades, the ergonomic shape also makes it easy for left-handed, right-handed, and ambidextrous people.
A lot of people also train their kids to be right-handed. So, this will definitely be a good start for them as kids won’t find it hard to adjust to these crayons.
Other than this, the Left/Right Ergonomic Crayons Set is also considered safe for the environment since it is made from eco-friendly polymers which is also safe for children because it is non-toxic. Even with this assurance though, the manufacturers recommends that if you are going to give this as one of your Christmas Presents for kids, give it to children 3 years old and above. You can even include it as part of your creative kid gift hampers so they’ll have more options to choose from.
What Other Christmas Presents Can I Buy?

If you’re looking for things to add to your list of Christmas Presents for kids, along with the Left/Right Ergonomic Crayons Set of 10, then you may want to give them a set of colouring books as well. This will teach them accuracy and focus to colour inside the lines. It will also give them an idea of how they can use shapes for their future masterpieces.
If your kid’s into both colouring and gardening, the Secret Garden Artists Edition' Colouring Book can be a great supplement to a crayons set. Aside from being able to colour inside the lines, kids will be able to enjoy the finished work they’ve produced as the beauty of the pictures from the colouring book comes to life.
If you want your kids to enjoy the beauty of cluttered objects and genuine design while they colour, the Neon Colouring Book is perfect for that. The Neon Colouring Book has a lot of objects your kids can colour, and at the same time, learn about as they continue on from page to page.
If you are still not satisfied, there are still plenty of other things available at Everything But Flowers for your ultimate convenience.
Where to Buy Christmas Presents For Kids?

Looking for places to buy from can be just as stressful as looking for the things to buy for Christmas. Hopping from one place to another can even exhaust you if you do it all day until you find Christmas presents for kids that you can take home and wrap. At Everything But Flowers, we don’t just offer a one-stop shop. We also offer gift wrapping services and free greeting cards that will surely impress and touch people’s hearts.
We also offer an easy checkout system that will make the lives of our customers easier. You can just browse all the new products we’ve prepared for you. We’ve also categorised the products for easy navigation even for people who are not into technology so much. Just leave us with your delivery information and we’ll send your items safely to the location that you specified. We also offer different payment methods that will give more people an opportunity to buy from us.
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