Bath Squirts Toys - Jungle Theme

Set of 4 from ALEX toys.

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There will be plenty of splishing, splashing and smiles at bath time from now on, thanks to this super cool set of 4 jungle animal bath squirters.

Suitable for ages 6+ months, this is a great idea for toddler Christmas gifts, or even for birthdays, when you want to show that its the simple fun that matters most.

Kids are swamped with technology and electronics, so it makes sense to create a fun atmosphere at bath time where they can relax, enjoy and play with great quality toys that are enjoyable without being connected to a battery!

From the ALEX rub-a-dub range, these toys are designed perfectly for small hands to hold and squeeze, and are brightly coloured to keep kids entertained. Packaged in a zipper bag this set of 4 squirters presents as a wonderful gift.

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Toddler Christmas Gifts for 2 Year olds

We love our darling little children. Theyre so sweet. They make us laugh. They make us cry. And then they turn two. Age two is, for lack of a better word, turbulent. Our cute children suddenly become little monsters: throwing tantrums, exercising their independence, and destroying everything in sight.

We understand that finding Christmas gifts for the terrible two's can seem like a chore; which is why were here to help you handle the terrible twos during this holiday season and help you find the right toddler Christmas gifts in the process.

Helping Toddlers to Communicate

Educational books make great toddler Christmas gifts. We recommend looking for books that teach your toddler new words. Be patient, believe it or not, they may be as frustrated as you!

Traveling with your toddler?

Traveling with a toddler is trying at any point in the year. But during the holidays, stress can make traveling even more tense. Everything But Flowers has quite a number of great toddler Christmas gifts to keep them occupied and happy during long traveling days.

Babies and toddlers learn faster than the speed of light. Their abilities are growing, so find them Christmas gifts that will allow them to exercise these new abilities. Colouring books and easy-to-handle crayons provide toddlers with an engaging activity and one that they can easily do on the go!

How do you keep your routine smooth and predictable?

Christmas is a time when our daily life is interrupted for a bit of holiday joy. Unfortunately, routine is very important for toddlers. If possible, schedule your holiday travel so that naps and mealtimes are at the same time as usual. Bring familiar items with you and your family as you travel. Some new traveling buddies, like stuffed animals, make great toddler Christmas gifts.

Make sure to let your toddler know what to expect. Before you leave to visit family or friends, make sure you start warning them several days beforehand.

What do you do with the terrible twos?

Your darling toddler may be destructive and may throw tantrums over the most ridiculous things, but that doesn't mean you cant have a wonderful Christmas. Be patient and browse Everything But Flowers to find the perfect toddler Christmas gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

No matter what age, we've got the perfect Christmas gifts in stock and ready to go as you'd expect with one of Australia's largest online gifts stores; Everything but Flowers.