'Swoon' Heartthrob Colouring Book

From the amazing I LOVE MEL range

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This is a colouring book with a difference. Featuring the world's most swoon worthy hunks, there is hours of colouring fun in this bumper book. Created by Mel Elliot, this is sure to be a favourite with teens and women everywhere no matter who it is she swoons over.

With hunks like George Clooney, Ryan Bosling, James Franco, Gerard Butler, Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, Patrick Dempsey, Hugh Jackman, Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, Zac Efron, Prince Harry, Kevin Bacon, Jude Law, Russell Brand, Keanu Reeves and of course One Direction too, there's so many cute guys tucked away inside that we can't name them all; let's just say she is guaranteed to find someone she likes the look of!

That's not all though, there's also games, quizzes and other fun activities tucked away inside for extra entertainment.

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How to Choose Kris Kringle Gifts for People in Your Office

Christmas time has come around again and that means exchanging presents with people you work with. For some, this is a simple feat because they eat and work with the same great group of guys and gals every day. For others, tracking down Kris Kringle gifts for fellow workers is a daunting task because maybe you keep to yourself. Or, maybe your co-workers are spaced too far away from your desk and you are all overloaded with constant work that keeps you from socialising. Grab this Colour Me: Swoon Book Colouring Book for a bit of fun.

However you feel about the upcoming festive gift-giving in your office, we have a huge selection of great Kris Kringle gifts that are guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of your co-workers. Some of our best-sellers for your role as Secret Santa include a wonderful Christmas Mug with Infuser for those co-workers who consider a morning cup of tea a must-have. Or, consider grabbing a Plush Grumpy Cat for the clown-around co-worker who loves putting neat-o trinkets and cool stuff on their desks.

The Best Corporate Kris Kringle Gifts for Business Men

You might think that the phrase co-workers only include a select few who are on the same level as you in your office. However, there are the bosses to ponder about when Christmas is looming too. No worries! We have a great range of Christmas gifts for the corporate business men who are wandering around your office.

For the management man with nothing but business on his mind, opt for Kris Kringle gifts that are functional and practical. For example, our ARTEX The Designer Desk Mat banishes the clutter of a typical work day by keeping papers and other desk essentials well-organised. The mat is luxurious, constructed from 100% leather with several pockets for a tidier work space.

The Greatest Corporate Kris Kringle Gifts for Business Women

For the ladies who are running upper management in your office, we offer some of the greatest corporate Kris Kringle gifts that are both practical and work-related. For instance, a Set of 3 Kayla Silver (or Gold) Bowls would make great receptacles for office candies, pencils, and other desk essentials. These bowls are handcrafted and long-lasting, making them both functional and beautiful as Kris Kringle gifts. We know it's quirky; but the Colour Me: Swoon Book Colouring Book will bring a smile to her face for sure.

Or, if your boss-lady prefers a rustic look to her office space, grace her interior dcor with a Wall Clock and Wood Case. This all-wood wall clock is easy to mount and features big, bold numbers to count down the hours that remain in a work day.

Fun Books and Must-Reads that Make Perfect Kris Kringle Gifts

Sometimes the best Kris Kringle gifts are those that evoke a laugh-out-loud response. After all, work is stressful on the best of days, and all co-workers deserve a chance to unwind with a bit of humour. If you are playing Secret Santa to someone who you know would appreciate a good book that makes them giggle, opt for Zombies Have Issues, or the funny photograph book called, Dogs Hanging Out of Windows.

So get geared up for the best Secret Santa presents ever seen, thanks to the online gift giving experts; Everything but Flowers.