I Prayed For You

By Jean Fischer and Frank Endersby

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A mum’s job is to protect her little one, which is why it’s no wonder mothers pray often. I Prayed For You is a charming children’s book about a Mama Bear and her sweet little Baby Bear. During the book, Mama Bear tells Baby Bear how much she prays for her child and in what ways. The 20-page board book measures 22.9 x 16.7cm. It’s written by Jean Fischer and illustrated by Frank Endersby.

I Prayed For You is a heartfelt book that baby and mum will love, making it a great christening gift for the new family. To personalise this present, choose a lovely greeting card during checkout.

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What Makes the I Prayed for You Book from the Christening Presents Catalogue Heart-Warming?

I Prayed for You makes an excellent, heart-warming gift for a christening, because this gift from the baby presents catalogue tells a sweet story! I Prayed for You tells the story of a mama bear and her baby bear, for which mama bear pays every night. It also tells the reader why mama bear will not stop praying for her baby bear every night.

The I Prayed for You book from our baby presents range counts 20 pages and measures 22.9 cm x 16.7 cm. The entire book is written by well-known children’s author Jean Fischer, but also contains some beautiful and heart-warming illustrations by Frank Endersby.

What Makes the My First Year Deluxe Inkless Print Kit from the Baby Presents Catalogue a Heart-Warming Gift?

My First Year Deluxe Inkless Print Kit from our baby presents catalogue is certainly a heart-warming gift, because it enables parents to record the milestone moments of their little one during the first year of their life. Therefore, this kit from the baby presents catalogue will be cherished forever.

The First Year Deluxe Inkless Print Kit is made by an award-winning Australian company called Baby Made. With this kit, parents can take the hand and footprints of their baby at various milestones, only without the mess that ink usually causes!

To make a print of the hands and/or footprints of the baby, parents can use four inkless wipes and wipe it across the baby’s foot or hand. Then, they can push the wipe against one of twelve special pieces of paper. After a few seconds, the print will appear on the paper. All of this without needing any ink!

Why Should I Choose the Waterford Crystal Heart Paperweight Available at Everything but Flowers?

During your search for heart-warming presents, you can come across heart-shaped presents; for example, the Waterford Crystal Heart Paperweight Crystal!

The Waterford Crystal Heart Paperweight Crystal is made from genuine Waterford crystal and measures 4.8 cm x 7.1 cm x 7.6 cm. The surface of the paperweight is also characterised with intricate patterning, which gives this paperweight a lovely shine. So, whether this paperweight is placed in the nursery or the living room, it will always be a luxurious addition to any home interior.

Why Should I Choose the Bambino Linen Baby Album Available at Everything but Flowers?

Recording the precious memories of your little one is also possible with the Bambino Linen Baby Album is also a possibility! Therefore, you could consider gifting this wonderful baby album as a christening present.

The Bambino Linen Baby Album has an exterior solely made from quality linen and is adorned with a pram, teddy bear, and rocking horse. It also has some subtle diamond embellishments, which makes this baby album even more luxurious.

Why Should I Choose the Little Bamboo White Heirloom Blanket Available at Everything but Flowers?

Some gifts are considered traditional. A nice baby blanket is certainly considered as a traditional baby present, so if you want to gift something heart-warming and functional, this could be the ideal gift choice for the christening you will be attending.

One of the baby blankets available at Everything but flowers is the Little Bamboo White Heirloom Blanket. The Little Bamboo White Heirloom Blanket features a distinct weave, which ensures that the blanket always feels soft on the skin of the baby.

The material used for this traditional heirloom blanket is an innovative bamboo textile. Bamboo textile is gentle on a baby’s delicate skin, but it is also an excellent temperature regulator. Therefore, the Little Bamboo White Heirloom Blanket will ensure a good night’s sleep for the baby in question.

Naturally, the Little Bamboo White Heirloom Blanket is also the perfect size. The blanket measures 150 cm x 120 cm. It also has a TOG thermal rating of 0.6, which means that this beautiful blanket can be used for the baby throughout the year!

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