3-D Illusion Disc

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This 3D illusion disc confounds and stimulates the mind and is fun for all ages. A very realistic three dimensional image is created which looks like a solid, tangible object but is really a phantom image, impossible to touch. Can you reach out and pick up the spider? Trick your office work mates, friends, grandparents and whoever else you can think of. This illusion disc comes with a little red furry ball and a red back spider but you can use any small object. Some suggestions are marbles, flowers, miniature toys, buttons, rings, lollies, coins and gemstones. Must be no wider than 3.5cm across. How does it work? The 3D illusion disc uses special mirrors to capture the light of an object and then project it as a three dimensional image. These mirrors have a special shape, called a parabola, and this shape means the mirrors reflect light in a very unique way.

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