Sunnylife Underwater Camera Kasbah

Featuring a Focus-Free Lens and Useful Wrist Strap

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Summer is about having fun and making memories, which is easy to do with this Sunnylife Underwater Kasbah Camera. It includes a wrist strap, a removable waterproof case, and a simple film advance thumbwheel. The camera itself is equipped with a 28mm, f/90 lens, which is focus-free. Additionally, loading film into the camera is a breeze!

Camera Dimensions: 12 x 4 x 9cm. Package Dimensions: 15 x 55 x 11cm. Material: PVC Plastic. 

For teenagers with big summer plans, from beach vacations to hanging at the pool with close friends, we highly recommend this Sunnylife Underwater Kasbah Camera. It makes such an awesome gift for teenagers!

  • Waterproof 35mm film camera.
  • Requires 35mm roll negative film (not included).
  • 28mm, f/90, picture taking lens.
  • Detachable waterproof casing.
  • Focus free.
  • Easy film loading.
  • Thumb wheel film advance system.
  • Features a wrist strap.

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