Sophie La Girafe Teething Ring

From World Famous Natural Rubber Sophie

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Sophie La Girafe is much loved around the world for being not only gorgeous, but absolutely non-toxic and eco-friendly too.

If you're looking for a beautiful baby gift, then this teething ring is perfect.

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Sophie La Giraffe Teething Ring

Are you looking for ideal presents for kids that can be used during their earlier years in this world? Are you planning to give presents to new parents or parents-to-be? Teething rings might just be the item for you. It is one of the most common presents for kids who are in their early and developing years. It is the ideal gift for babies with emerging or growing teeth. They are just some of the best items you can give in a baby shower or as after giving birth present.
Here at Everything But flowers, we offer cute and safe items that will satisfy your gift-giving needs. This teething ring is just the right item you can give for kids in its first months. Order one now and give it to the cute little newborns.
Colourful and Playful Presents for Kids

Made by the famous designer Vulli, this Teething Ring is designed with the character of Sophie La Giraffe. The friendly and easy on the eye design will surely attract the eyes of the little ones. The engaging shape of the giraffe is perfect presents for kids who are more attracted to cute and colourful stuff. The friendly looking Sophie the Giraffe is just the perfect companion for babies with growing teeth. The little kids will have fun while playing with Sophie the Giraffe.
Safe Items as Presents for Kids

Teething items are important to help the babies while they are growing their teeth. Teething is an important part of the baby’s development and body progress which should be given focus. Growing teeth could cause some pain and discomfort on the little one. Parents should recognise the symptoms of teething and must assist the babies to avoid any irritation and inconvenience. During the teething stage, the babies must be given something to chew on. Teething rings are just the perfect items for this part. Having a crucial role like this, you must ensure that the rings are eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals and toxins.
Presents for kids must always be safe and free from harm. It must be suitable and proper to the delicate or fragile health of the little ones. This Sophie La Giraffe is guaranteed to be safe for your baby. It is made of 100% rubber and is free from Phthalate and has PVC. It also has an easy-to-grip handle perfect for babies with small hands. The item can be hand wash so you can make sure that it is always clean and bacteria free.
What to Look for When Buying Teething Items as Presents for Kids

When buying presents for kids, the foremost consideration is the safety of the little ones. Babies are really fragile and are vulnerable to germs and unhealthy materials. Hence, you must ensure that the items you give them are safe not harmful. Since babies will have direct contact with the teething rings and they will actually put it in their mouth, you must ensure that they are made of quality and safe materials.
It is guaranteed that this item is safe for kids. Order from Everything But Flowers today and let the baby have some fun while growing his or her teeth.