Pet Treat Canister Large

Perfect for Storing Pet Treats

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Buying pet food in bulk makes this stylish canister a practical choice where you can stash your pet treats safely. This cylindrical container comes with a creatively designed exterior showing a label surrounded with animal footprints in a subdued colour scheme. Its decorative charm brightens your kitchen shelves with a playful mood.

This large pet treat canister safely keeps your dog’s favourite rawhide bones and pet cookie recipes. Measuring 19 cm in diameter and 23 cm in height, this large keeper secures and prolongs the life of your pet’s favourite food treats. Simply an amazing gift for pet lovers.

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Make Sure Your Pet Feels Part of the Family with the Presents for Pets Collection!

Every pet is part of a family, so it is no surprise that many customers are looking for presents for pets for special occasions. If you require something special for your favourite furry friend (or not-so-furry friend), you can count on Everything but Flowers and a tremendous range of presents for pets. Here are our top picks for special occasions, so be sure to check them out in our presents for pets catalogue today!

What Can You Tell Me About the Pet Treat Large Canister?

Pet treats need to be stored in a good place, otherwise they lose their flavour or they become less than nice for your pet. Fortunately, pet lovers can count on the Pet Treat Large Canister from our presents for pets collection, which will keep your pet’s favourite treats safe!

The Pet Treat Large Canister is perfect for pet owners who like to buy their pet treat is bulk, because this canister has a 19 cm diameter and 23 cm height. The canister is specifically designed to store pet treats, but also to increase the life of any treats stored in it. Therefore, this functional canister is perfect for pet lovers throughout Australia.

What Can You Tell Me About the Pets Mid-Week Photography Session?

Many pet owners like to have a portrait of themselves with their pet, which is one of the reasons why the Pets Mid-Week Photography Session is a popular choice from the pet’s catalogue. During this experience, your recipient and their pet can enjoy a photography session together, and get a wonderful portrait of themselves and their pet in return. What is not to love?

What Can You Tell Me About the Pet Bone Treat Jar?

Customers who liked the Pet Treat Large Canister, but are keeping their options open where gift choice is concerned, could also consider the Pet Bone Treat Jar. The Pet Bone Treat Jar is the perfect present for pet owners with dogs and cats, because this jar stores a tremendous amount of treats.

One of the major benefits of the Pet Bone Treat Jar is that it blends perfectly with the interior of your recipient, whether that recipient has a modern, contemporary or traditional interior. Of course, customers cannot ignore the functionality this Pet Bone Treat Jar delivers either. Therefore, the Pet Bone Treat Jar should be on top of your list if your recipient is looking for something to store their pet treats.

What Can You Tell Me About the Pet Car Interior Protector?

Pet owners like to take their pets with them while travelling. Unfortunately, this does mean a lot more fur on the seats of their car or other vehicle. For those pet owners, we recommend gifting a Pet Car Interior Protector.

The Pet Car Interior Protector is one of the most thoughtful presents for pet lovers, owners and pets, because it enables pets to travel with their owners without the extra hassle. The Pet Car Interior Protector is specifically designed to protect the seats of your vehicle from fur, dander, drool and even muddy paws after a long walk!

In addition to providing basic protection, the Pet Car Interior Protector has some extra features that might prove useful for pet owners and pets alike. The protector is made from polyester fibres and measures a reasonable 142 cm x 123 cm; this means that it will cover almost all upholstery in a vehicle. The protector is also waterproof, so muddy paws and drool won’t pass the protector onto your car interior. In conclusion, the perfect gift for pet owners everywhere!

What Can You Tell Me About the Pet Portrait Photoshoot in Sydney?

It takes some serious skill to take the perfect photograph of a pet; this is a reason why many pet owners take their pet to a specialised photographer who is used to working with furry subjects. At Everything but Flowers, customers can find numerous experiences that contain a pet photoshoot; this includes our Pet Portrait Photoshoot in Sydney experience!

The Pet Portrait Photoshoot in Sydney is one of the most thoughtful gifts for pet owners, because it gives them a timeless memento of their favourite pet. During this experience, the pet owner will receive a professional studio session for their pet, an online viewing gallery with the photographs for 30 days, and a 1 x 5 x 7” portrait of your recipient’s choice.

Where Can I Find More Pet Gifts?

Are you looking for more pet-related gifts for a pet owner or pet lover? Or looking for something to gift to your pet for a special occasion? Simply enter “pet” in the search window on the homepage and discover all the options available to you at Everything but Flowers!