North Coast Tandem Skydive, SYD

Leap from 14,000-feet and fly like a bird!

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For adrenaline junkies, skydiving over Sydneys stunning North Coast is the perfect gift. Jumping from 14,000-feet, youll get a birds-eye view of Sydneys stunning coastline and hinterland.

Included with this offer is a drop at South Tacomas Pioneer Diary. Youll land safely on beautiful green paddocks and wetlands, complete with tranquil country scenes and livestock. The area can be accessed by train or by private vehicle. Transfers from Sydney to Wyong Train Station are free of charge. Youll find that this is the perfect spot for group skydivers. Its also a great place to just sit and watch the action!

If you have no previous skydiving experience, never fret! Skydiving experience is not required to enjoy this epic adventure. Your jump, from paperwork to landing, will be monitored by trained professionals. Theyll guide you as you exit the plane at 14,000-feet and theyll be with you as you reach speeds of 220 km/hr, free falling for a spine-tingling 60 seconds.

About Skydive Australia

Skydive Australia is the best and most experienced Tandem Skydiving operator in Australia. They boast more than 1 million jumps and a combined experience of nearly 500 years. They are 100% committed to safety; you couldnt be in better hands!

Terms and Conditions:

Age limits: Teenagers aged 12-18 years must have consent from a parent or legal guardian. If the parent or guardian cannot be in attendance on the day of your skydive, notify the skydiving office immediately so we can arrange to receive the correct documents before your skydive.


Alcohol: You must not consume alcohol for 8 hours before your tandem skydive. We reserve the right to refuse service to any clients we suspect to be intoxicated. No refund will be given.

Scuba Diving: Due to medical restrictions, you must not scuba dive 24 hours prior to skydiving.

Weight Restrictions and Charges: Due to harness restrictions and potential weather conditions, any client weighing 95 kg or above must be assessed by our Drop Zone Safety Officer on-site. Each of our 2 NSW skydiving locations have the following weight restrictions and you must weigh 104 kg or less in Sydney and 110 kg or less in Byron Bay. For weights from 95 kg to 99 kg, $25 must be paid on arrival. For weights from 100 kg to104 kg, $50 must be paid on arrival. $100 to be paid on arrival for the maximum weight allowance of 105 kg at Location. No cash value and no cash back. Booking is required in advance and is subject to availability.

You may cancel and reschedule your tandem skydive 24 hours before your appointment. No-shows void their voucher. All vouchers are emailed to the gift recipient; its the customers responsibility to ensure the correct email address is supplied. Everything But Flowers experience vouchers are redeemable directly with the experience provider with full details provided upon purchase. Recipients have 3 years to use the full value of the voucher.


Hold your breath and get ready to soar!

What do you get the man who has everything? For the man who has everything, it’s best to give a mind-blowing experience and one he’ll cherish for the rest of his life. You may even spark a new hobby. Sydney's North Coast Tandem Skydive is a heart-stopping experience and great gift, ideal for those men who already have everything they could ever want or need.

Adventure is the spice of life! That’s why Everything But Flowers carries many wonderful experience gifts and exciting gifts for him. If you want to add some spice to a friend’s life, can you think of a better way than giving him the opportunity to plunge through the sky? We can’t.

Is previous skydiving experience a requirement?

Not at all! Anyone can enjoy this tandem skydiving package. Beginners are just as welcome as experienced skydivers. Whether this is your first jump or your tenth, the instructors will take good care of you.

The skydiving instructors are experts at what they do. They are committed to your safety and enjoyment during every stage of the experience.

What’s included in this skydiving package?

Sydney’s North Coast Tandem Skydive package comes with speed, adrenaline, and unbelievably beautiful landscapes. Before ascending to an altitude of 14,000-feet, your skydiving instructor will help you prepare for the jump and let you know what to expect. Then you’ll really begin your adventure!

As the plane rises, Sydney’s North Coast will start looking smaller and smaller. And before you know it, you and your experienced tandem skydive partner will jump from the plane into the atmosphere! There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush you’ll experience as you plummet for 60 seconds at speeds of up to 220km/hr.

At around 5,000-feet, your skydive partner will release the parachute and you’ll glide for several minutes toward the earth. From here, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of Sydney’s coast and hinterlands. After a peaceful flight, you’ll land at Pioneer Diary. What could be a better and more beautiful end to the most incredible experience of your life?

Is transportation available too and from the skydiving center?

Most definitely! If you or your gift recipient are coming from Sydney, free transfers are available to Wyong Train Station. The area is also accessible by private car.

How do I give Everything But Flowers experience vouchers?

Everything But Flowers experience vouchers are emailed directly to the gift recipient, so it’s important you provide the correct email address. Vouchers can be sent immediately upon purchase or delivery can be delayed until a time and date specified by you.

Adrenaline junkies from all walks of life will love this Sydney’s North Coast Tandem Skydive package! Give this experience voucher as a Father’s Day present or birthday gift. And be sure to browse our site to find other fantastic experiences.