MOR Sweet Champagne Gilded Candle

Deluxe Soy Wax Candle (465g) by MOR Boutique

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Trying to find a Christmas gift she'll love? Perhaps filling her home with the sweet scent of champagne using the limited edition Gilded Turtle Dove Sweet Champagne Deluxe Soy Wax Candle (465g) will do the trick. Hand poured and presented in a gold foil embellished glass, this candle will make her home smell good and look good too!

Along with the scent of sweet champagne, her house will be filled with crisp notes of white grape, strawberry, and rhubarb, swirling with notes of peach and warm vanilla. This fruity, delicious scent is the perfect way to set the scene for a holiday soiree, romantic evening, or a relaxing night at home. And because of its simple, yet sophisticated design, this candle matches a wide variety of home decor styles.

This limited edition soy wax candle is the perfect Christmas gift for young ladies and women of all ages. Just wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree! Or light it on Christmas morning as a nice surprise.

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Christmas presents for women who love scents

Do you know women who delight in sweet aromas? Buying Christmas presents for women who love sweet, or musky smells either on themselves or in their homes is easy thanks to the large range of scented christmas gifts available online from Everything But Flowers.

Is it important which particular scent you get?

It's difficult to know that when you buy Christmas presents for women who love scents you'll get their favourite aroma. Some women love flowery and sweet smells, other will love more exotic, spicy fragrances. Plenty of women will love anything!

Buying Christmas presents for women that are perfumes worn on the skin are trickier, because many of these have very strong scents. It's best to steer clear of perfumes unless you know exactly what is her favourite perfume. If she's not your partner, ask friends of family, because her favourite perfume will also probably have a line of soaps and creams too. Some high-end perfume lines also have deodorants maybe steer clear of those Christmas presents for women! Stay safe!

Buying scented candles is a good compromise

Given that one of those air fresheners you plug into the wall won't cut it as Christmas presents for women in your life and, like the deodorant, might be misunderstood, a great alternative is a scented candle.

We have a few scented candles that will fill a room or hallway with a gentle fragrance, and can easily be put out. They're good in hallways if people have pets or other odour-making creatures for when guests are coming. You might find giving scented candles as Christmas presents for women they're used mostly in the bedroom or bathroom for sensuous, relaxing baths.

The Sweet Champagne Deluxe Mor Candle is a wonderful Christmas gift for women because not only does it come in a gorgeous box, the glass the candle is in is beautiful too. The candle gives the yummy scent of sweet champagne, grapes, strawberries and vanilla. It's smells divine and will be lovely to light on Christmas Day when the family are gathered together.

Christmas  gifts for women like a spicier scent will love the Gilded Spicy Woods Mor Candle, which has notes of cinnamon, cardamom, clove and cedarwood. How Christmassy is that mixture? A wonderful aroma for the festive period.

If you'd like to enhance your Christmas presents for women into scents, we also sell bouquets of flowers. If you're not in Australia but wish to send presents to loved ones here, then order through our site and we'll make sure they get their gifts. We'll even gift-wrap them for you and include a personal message by you.

We want your gifts for women online shopping experience to be a pleasure on Everything But Flowers. You can also upgrade to our premium gift-wrapping service if you like. To give you peace of mind, you'll also get tracking information so you can be sure your kids gifts reach their destination on time.