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Discover Quality Cosmetics from Our Mother’s Day Presents and Birthday Presents for Women Range

If you do not know what to buy for a special woman in your life, you simply cannot go wrong by choosing some cosmetics from our Mother’s Day presents and birthday presents for women range. Of course, you will need some recommendations if you are not familiar with cosmetics, so be sure to read on to discover the best cosmetics from our Mother’s Day presents and birthday presents for women range.

MOR Marshmallow Body Oil

Cosmetics from the MOR Marshmallow range are incredibly popular amongst Australian women. Therefore, it is no surprise that our range of Mother’s Day presents and birthday presents for women includes a lot of products from the Marshmallow collection.

One of the MOR Marshmallow products in our range of birthday presents and Mother’s Day presents, is the MOR Marshmallow Body Oil. The packaging of this exquisite body oil has recently received an upgrade, but the refined formula of this body oil has remained the same.

The MOR Marshmallow Body Oil is easily absorbed by the skin and leaves a wonderful fragrance and moisture. Active ingredients include rosehip and wheat germ oil, which heal the skin and keep it radiant. The formula also includes a grape seed, avocado, sesame seed and sunflower oil, which leaves the skin soft after use. In addition to that, the body oil also includes vitamin E, which nourish the skin and counter the effects of ageing.

Most body oils can be difficult to apply though, but this is not a problem with the MOR Marshmallow Body Oil. The body oil includes a mist applicator, which ensures that only a fine mist is applied on the skin when it is used, subsequently allowing users to get maximum effect from the body oil formula.

Naturally, the MOR Marshmallow Body Oil also contains the characteristic Marshmallow fragrance. The Marshmallow fragrance is a combination of vanilla musk and jasmine flower, complemented with subtle undertones of rose petals, white carnation and cotton candy. In conclusion, a sweet fragrance that will appeal to all modern Australian women.

Red Leather Cosmetic Bag with Personalised Monogram

Every woman with a large selection of cosmetics at her disposal will need a decent cosmetics bag to store her most valuable cosmetics, or to take the cosmetics she frequently uses with her when travelling. Fortunately, you can find such a good cosmetics bag at Everything but Flowers, more specifically the Red Leather Cosmetics Bag with Personalised Monogram.

The Red Leather Cosmetics Bag has a red leather exterior and a black inner lining with pale gold hardware. Customers can also have the initials of their recipient placed on the leather cosmetics bag, which will be added with a gold foil detail.

Please note that it does take some time to add the monogram to the cosmetics bag, just like all other personalised products in our range. Still, all personalised gifts from Everything but Flowers are shipped within four business days.

If the special woman in your life is not a big fan of red colours, then you can get this cosmetics bag in another colour as well. At Everything but Flowers, this cosmetics bag is available in Black and Taupe, and each of these options can also be personalised with a monogram.

MOR Rosa Noir Eau de Parfum

One of the latest additions to the perfume collection of MOR Cosmetics is the Rosa Noir perfume. The perfume is characterised by several notes of rose, carnation and lily of the valley. The perfume also has undertones of sandalwood, musk and Tonka bean. The combination of these fragrances results in a seductive fragrance, suitable for Australian women who like to look and feel their best.

Naturally, the MOR Rosa Noir Eau de Parfum also has some features you cannot find with other perfumes. For example, the MOR Rosa Noir Eau de Parfum is stored in a French crafted bottle and the product has not been tested on animals. In addition to that, you can also increase the longevity of this fragrance by obtaining the matching body wash, lotion and hand wash, making this perfume line as valuable as the already popular MOR Marshmallow.

MOR Love Gift Set in Marshmallow

If you need a present for a special woman in your life, we can certainly recommend the MOR Love Gift Set in Marshmallow. Inside this gift set, the recipient will find true feminine decadence, since this gift set includes the Marshmallow triple-milled soap, hand and nail cream, and the Marshmallow perfume.

The Marshmallow hand & nail cream is an absolute must for every Australian woman, because this cream contains ingredients that promote superior skin moisture. To add more moisture and nourish the skin, the Marshmallow hand & nail cream contains ingredients such as cocoa, shea butter, vitamin E and vitamin A.

In addition to nourishing and moisturising, the hand & nail cream also contains ingredients that soften and hydrate the skin; this includes sesame seeds, macadamia oils and sweet almond oil. Also, like other Marshmallow products, the Marshmallow hand & nail cream has not been tested on animals.

Since you are already familiar with the Marshmallow fragrance, which we described with the body oil earlier, the only thing we still need to elaborate on is the Marshmallow triple-milled soap. The triple-milled soap provides similar benefits as the hand & nail cream. It contains shea butter, vitamin E and glycerin, all ingredients chosen to hydrate, moisturise and protect the skin.

More Cosmetics at Everything but Flowers

The gifts described above are just some of the options you have when you purchase cosmetics from Everything but Flowers. In addition to the gift above, you will find many more perfumes, cosmetic gift hampers and personalised cosmetic bags to choose from. So, if you have not made up your mind yet, be sure to head over to the “women” category on the main menu and select “beauty” to discover all the cosmetics items available on the Everything but Flowers website.